ROBOT魂 Zy-98 Shadow (Sniper Spec)

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Zy-98 Shadow, despite being rival of the M9 Gernsback this soviet production Shadow merchandise are lacking … Mainly because they rarely appear in the series and Amalgam, the series main antagonist group already manage to mass produce their lambda driver equipped Codarl…

Robot spirits line up have 2 shadow produced this sniper variant and the Zy-99 the export version that appear in the FMP Another a spin off series.

And about this sniper variant,it’s not yet adapted into anime but basically Kurz using this unit, Near end of the series in final battle the presumed death Kurz appear piloting this and save Mao

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Gashapon Senshi Forte 16

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Gashapon senshi forte 16

I believe this a first time where the entire wave consist of mobile suits from a single Gundam series,usually at least one of them come from a different series.

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Aqua Shooters! 10 Watanabe Toshiko + Option Part

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Always want to try one so finally when a friend visit japan he come across this and help me get it.

volume/wave 10 really interesting because this time the weapons actually have real looks, well they are still water guns but have more realistic looks with water tank added, not the first time of course but pretty sure this the first time released as regular release instead as Premium Bandai Exclusive

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1500 yen Gashapon !!!!! My first PREMIUM GASHAPON ever ..

let’s see what it could offer


Mobile Suit Ensemble #23 : Gundam Barbatos + Mace

March 4, 2023 at 7:50 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading/Kuji, Gundam Series | 1 Comment
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I review couple Barbatos Gashapons so let’s just go with this as well.

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LPC Blue Label : Moisturized Hot spring Set

February 11, 2023 at 8:16 am | Posted in Doll Clothes and Accessories | 9 Comments
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Or let’s call it Onsen Yukata

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