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LEGO Ferrari F138, Basically this Shell promotion stuff of LEGO Ferrari

About F138 Chassis

The last Chassis which use V8 Engine

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Battle B-Daman Zero 2 Body + PET Bottle Magazine

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Old B-Daman of ‘Battle B-Daman’ Era 😀

Zero 2 body and PET Bottle Magazine

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Gundam Dash #04 MS-13 Gasshia

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Gundam Dash #04

like I mention on the Title the capsule contain “MS-13 Gasshia” figure.

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Designers Collection : Vermilion Bird of the South

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Volks Designers collection Vermilion Bird of the South.

I got this months ago during volks after event kyoto13 😀 also Purchase new frame for Vee and hands.

Back in 2014, I really want the “Ninja clothes“, I missed the After event on volks webstore and it later sell for like over 20k yen every time I check Yahoo auction 😦 So I quite Happy seeing releases of Clothes with somehow similar Theme 😀

Like it’s Name suggest there are also the Dragon,Tiger and tortoise version of the clothes but the Tortoise and Dragon are Male SD clothes, I should also bought The Tiger one, but Since I just purchased a DD body before , I decide to only get this ^^.

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Yu-Gi Oh! Wing Raiders Boosters

December 24, 2016 at 8:20 am | Posted in Trading Cards | 4 Comments
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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 🙂


12 packs of Wing raiders!

well I do want a box of them but only these left ^^ let’s see what inside these

9 Cards a pack and guaranteed a rare and a foil inside each pack

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LVUR04 Kamen Rider Genm

December 10, 2016 at 7:18 am | Posted in Kamen Rider Toys | 4 Comments
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LeVel Up Rider 04 Kamen Rider Genm ~ Action Gamer

The first figure I bought from this series ^^ I guess I will wait for my favorite form for the Ex-Aid one

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