FG Kyrios Flight Mode (custom) 40%

June 15, 2010 at 12:49 pm | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 16 Comments
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First Post

I modified my FG Kyrios into his flight mode!

By the way I Just doing this for Fun 😉

try make this slightly different with the original kyrios(flight mode)

still need a lot of works here!!!!

with the help of saw,tamiya cement,super glue and putty.

still need to do something with the legs booster!

I need to do something with the wings, weaponry and haven’t decide the color yet,

That’s for now.



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  1. woww,,i still scared for “hard” cutting mod

    • once you start you won’t scared *LOL* and the fact that I have HG kyrios make me dare to modified this FG *LOL*

      • i see,,
        keep it up, i want too see your mod ^^

  2. strangely, even though this is an FG, it’s very good compared to FG Dynames.

    like your mod too.

    • I think the only thing bad abut FG dynames is the left hand it looks……

  3. Dam HLJ picture is like -_- compare to the out of the box,but I would never try something like that maybe I will on FG XD but … need a lot of effort.

    • thank you for visiting.
      HLJ show painted version that’s why it looks like that. i think i bought FG because it need a lot of effort (more than MG *LOL*)

      • O didn’t read about the Painted part,does the box show a unpainted version ? if not like -_- people may buy thinking it would look that good out of the box.

      • yes the BOX show the unpainted version(and the painted version). maybe FG failed because of that many people pissed off after feel being tricked *LOL*

      • At least they show unpainted version ^_^ but those are mainly for anyone to buy on the spot or to make custom XD

      • I wonder who want making FG custom these days ? although i use Seed NG 1/144 for practice years ago.

      • Well there is someone in youtube who does that but he could because he do great paint job.

      • yup that’s right but people still prefer buy HG or NG 1/100 since it’s more detail and have better articulation

      • Yeah and good for people who want to put LED XD

  4. Yezzzz……….. I like this form of Kyrios 😀

    • Glad you like it 🙂 .

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