1/48 Unicorn Head Display Base

June 18, 2010 at 11:26 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 31 Comments
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I got this last year  from dengeki hobby january issue,after debating a while between dengeki hobby or hobby japan(with XN raiser).

By the way I am not really hopping for this stand actually i just got feeling want a hobby magazine (although i won’t buy if they not include this kit *LOL*) so i really think this kit as bonus i am not really feel anything bad about that HGUC unicorn + head display stand that sell for international customer exclusive, but  maybe bought hobby japan with XN raiser is better at that time.But who cares! as long i happy and enjoy building this kit 😀

the ‘Unicorn Mode’

‘Destroy Mode’

seems the gold paint not looks as good as I thought 😦

really need to repaint the eyes with black + green ,it looks weird now…..looks so small.

unfortunately I don’t have a HGUC unicorn so can’t show anything to put on this stand.

that’s for now! maybe will post this stand again after i repaint the eyes



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  1. nice,,
    i’ll get the head stand with unimode kit coz i have the destroy mode 2 months ago ^^

    btw, what gold paint did you used at the v-fin??

  2. thank you for visiting 😀
    hahaha yeah and now i feel too hasty getting this kit ^^;;;
    I used tamiya Acrylic gold leaf

    • drybrush/airbrush technique did you use with acrylic paint?
      afaik acrylic doesn’t suitable with drybrush, enamel better like my sd sonshoko gerbera

      • that’s the problem. the only gold paint available at local store is Acrylic hahaha maybe I should buy airbrush next year.

  3. lol,,i prefer gundam marker gold than drybrushing for some little part
    nice,,i want saving for ab too later

    btw from what web did you know my blog??
    and can you send me picture with 150 x 75 px to my email (*******),,i want to put yours in my blogrolls.

    edited : removing e-mail adress.

    • the golden marker also sold out only silver available hard to get tools these days.
      I like lurking around in blog-sphere i think found yours from celestial gundam.
      OK thanks will make the banner as soon as possible

  4. nice, I prefer hguc unicorn desmod + stand though.
    but I’ve already had unicorn, so I’ll pass this stand.

    • thank you for visiting.
      not plan to buy the unicorn mode + stand like Koga ?

    • like said, already had unicorn standalone 😀

      • ah, better i check your blog’s loot once again ^^:;

  5. Looking good ^^ I got the XN Riser issue instead. havent painted it though… planning to work on it when I get a OO7s in the near future 😛

    • thank you for visiting.
      although i have it i don’t have any kit to use with right now.
      Good luck with that XN + OO7s. not getting o raiser also ?

      • haha maybe? not sure yet tho. still in the planning process xD

      • looking forward for it xD

      • Hahaha thanks. but will have to wait till end of the year though. cus i’m currently studying overseas >.<

      • soon i am gonna study overseas also ^^;; better i enjoy my holiday with gunpla as much as i can *LOL*

      • hahaha indeed you should. in fact, that’s what i did early this year xD where to?

      • better check your old posts about them.
        better tell you later since the study permit haven’t released yet so still uncertain yet xD

  6. Maybe Bandai thought that they would sell this off easily but turn out not and thus put in a special set unlike XN.

    But can the MG be place on the stand ?

    • hahaha that’s the risk as first customer right ;).
      yes i am sure the MG can use this stand but I must make a hole to put the connector first, but since the stand kinda short i don’t think it will looks good with MG(the legs will touch the V fin).

      • And I wonder if the stand can support the weight.

      • I am sure it can,but MG legs will touching the V-fin.

      • Well if that the case I guess its quite pointless.

      • I want this mainly for display (as bust) and how i wish have enough material to make full size 1/48 Unicorn gundam like that dengeki hobby magazine show us(half size in the book)

      • What you mean by bust,someone made a custom 1/48 ? maybe that picture was a MG just enlarge XD

  7. @Keionfan here the picture and bust mean half body

    • Wow that is huge I think because the action base look so small compare to the picture.

      [This is crap I felt like saying]Maybe they made a 1/100 Unicorn head instead of making a 1/48 Unicorn XD

      • they use photoshop maybe 😛 to edit the image *LOL*

    • Maybe XD Proto type but if it is a bit odd jump so far.

  8. hmmm, gold colour on v-fin doesnt look good to me…

    • me too I mention that also right,I choose the wrong gold paint,this one is ‘gold leaf’ so yeah.

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