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(EDIT: add more pictures)

talking about touhou,first time i play touhou was 3 years ago and sakuya is one my favorites character  in the game.but i am sure people know touhou more than me, since i am not really follow it anymore.and i am surprised with how popular touhou now 😯 .

Go to the figure!

standard nendoroid packaging.

all the contents (don’t ask a gunpla modeler making review 😛 )

-body,legs,skirt,hair parts

-3 face head expressions (or whatever you call this one)

-3 pair of arms + 1 for bring the tableware

-2 silver knives(only 2 😦 )

-nice circle stand with “clock” on it

close up to the stand.

some poses

I love this one!!!

How I wish this nendoroid can bring 3-4 knives on one hand like the upcoming Figma or figguto version….

at least nendoroid a ‘bit’ articulated.

for me the only thing not ‘Right’ about this nendo is the hair,i am sure sakuya supposed to have ‘silver’ hair not ‘purple’ 😦

I don’t dare to paint it silver by myself……………

and I don’t know what GSC thinking and the figma version got silver hair 😦

ok that’s for now, back to FG kyrios!.



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  1. Hey Aya, that’s a nice one. Initially, I was wondering why did you put a clock in the photo and I, later, realized that it was her base, blur me. I’ve never known that nendoroid has such nice base… Hmmm… I don’t know Touhou Project at all, but I do agree that they are very popular now (from those figures I saw).

    Also, thank you for visiting me 🙂

    • thank you for visiting.
      as i see reimu got ‘yin-yang’ symbol and marisa also but i don’t know what symbol that called(reminds me with taoshi mirror) and i should learn taking better pictures. yeah seems very popular you should try the game someday.

      • I did a search about the Touhou Project game. It seems like it was published in the year of 2002… is there any new one? Also, I found there is also anime. Probably I’ll check out the anime. 🙂

      • as i remember the game start from 1997, and there are 12(+1) games(10 shooter and 3 fighting) if i am not mistaken since i just read wikipedia of course 🙂 still not counting another doujinshi game like supermarisaland(super mario ripoff) and megamari(megaman ripoff).for anime i just watch episode one last year(at youtube).

  2. I wonder if you never prime her hair,and you paint will you get Silverly Purple hair XD Glossy Purple hair.Maybe they make it able to hold 1 hand 1 sword is to retain the cutest and be budget XD

    • hahaha I still don’t dare paint this nendoroid,if the hair paint-job get scratch i will considering to re-paint the hair.hahaha true ‘retain the cutest and budget’!

  3. nice little review ^^ I also got her recently and the main thing I wish could have been different is the knives as well. Two is just not enough for her. Oh well I guess that’s what the Figma is for XD

    • thank you for visiting.
      well with nendoroid tiny hands i don’t think she can bring 4 knives!
      well I am not really got to figma(yet) and just own one but for this sakuya i more towards figguto version although i won’t get it ^^

  4. Yeah I do have some Bias hate with touhou chara’s in mugen(god dash spamming, aarrrggghh!)

    One of the exceptional characters I like from the game plus China* and yeah GSC screwed up the hair big time.

    • hahaha TRUE,
      I want that hong meirin figures.
      if only i dare to paint her hair

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