FG Kyrios flight mode (Custom) 65%

June 22, 2010 at 7:27 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 20 Comments
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now the hardest part in this FG transformation

split this one into 3 pieces

yeah I DID!!!

time to put On the leg boosters with super glue of course 😉

that wings quite annoying gonna cut that one!!

time to put that yellow parts.

still looks weird!!

I am not sure what i will do with these parts ???

that’s for now, time to cut the wings.



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  1. so the original FG’s leg is one part?
    so bold of you splitting in 3 parts…

    look forwards for next wip

    • yes the original FG leg is one part you can check it at dalong , a small saw solve the problem to split them.
      actually this one is epic Fail……especially the paintjob! ^^;;

  2. Did you use the xector knife to cut the leg in 3 ? How did you cut and not leave white mark.

    • I use a saw, and sand it after cut using file.

      • Seen you went for equipment now,I wonder how you use the saw at such a small piece.

      • I don’t think my saw is big.

  3. !!!!! -_- !!!!! that is big for me real big compare to the feet,its like a few times bigger then the feet -_-.

    • at least “small” enough to cut the feet and wings.

      • What is the thing at > the saw that you refer to,or is it the huge black GN saw with white GN particle XD

      • *LOL* White GN particles 😯

      • So you use the big one ?

      • Tha black one is saw, yes i use that one.

      • It like huge-_- how do you even cut it without having the part flying off.

      • not as hard as you imagined just try it.
        hours + track = experience -> skill

      • What you mean by track,I guess I wont be trying as for now I am happy the my model expect the colour lol.

      • sorry make you confused.well all about experience better try by yourself.
        by the way I didn’t know you build gundam model kit also.

  4. I can’t visualize much. I remember that Kyrios was my other choice. But, I went for Gundam 00 instead during the fiesta. Gundam is one stuff that I need to learn a lot.

    • learn slowly, i just use this FG kyrios for practical purpose because of the price of course :).
      OO is a great choice that one have awesome articulation! yours is HG OO right ?

      • Is it HG OO? The box says GN-0000 00 Gundam. I bought it during last year’s Gundam Fiesta. I didn’t want to go home empty handed. It was late and most of the models were sold out. But I was fortunate to get a nice one though. 🙂

      • ah maybe Fighting Action gundam 00, I don’t know your gundam scale.

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