FG Kyrios Flight mode (80%) custom

June 25, 2010 at 4:54 am | Posted in Gunpla | 17 Comments

as I mentioned before cut the wings :)

and glue them again.

the arms also.

looks better for me than before

put plate on the cockpit glue it,then I use putty to cover it.

that’s for now,honestly I already paint this one 2 days ago but the result is EPIC FAIL!, gonna show that one soon!!

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  1. How do you know its exactly 80% XD

    But the thing that alway bug me is that the back part of Kyrios the leg have a big gap unlike Arios.

    • Forget what I say about the 80% part,but Kyrios leg part look as if sometime can combine with it but sadly the series never show that.

      • this is my mod so i know about 80% or not.

        combine with what ???

      • I mean the back part look as if it can combine with something because the back part look empty with the 2 leg.

  2. What you talking about Phail, this is better than decent and you pulled it off in a nick of time.

    speaking of crap, I f’d up my first customing^^; http://gunstray.blogspot.com/2009/04/wivsp-update.html

    • thank you for visiting.
      you haven’t see the finished version yet ;)
      poor guy ^^

  3. @Keionfan you mean the ‘weapon container’ or the ‘tail booster(eps 23)’

    • I totally forgot about the series,I mean that the back part just look like something can be attach to it.

      • In the series kyrios have attachment to put between his legs, like weapon container(episode 2) and tail booster (in episode 23) better you re-watch those episodes.

      • Saw at mahq the tail booster,look more odd then Cheridum tail XD.But this is better

      • saw that one before!

      • Sorry,but I know you saw before in fact many people saw just that it funny XD

  4. ohh

    turning FG Kyrios into Flight mode! something i never saw before!

    seems you got the FG transformed nicely :D

    wanna exchange link?

    • thank you for visiting.

      thanks but this one is epic fail!!!!!

      ok will add you.

  5. I can’t visualize much. It look like a plane to me now, yet I thought it supposed to look like a gundam though (layman speaking here, don’t shoot me for that :)). I need to look at the end product :)

    • From the above, I read it of something regarding transform…. *wondering*

      • yes, this is the plane mode of a transformable gundam.

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