FG Kyrios Flight mode 90% Custom (Epic Fail)

June 27, 2010 at 4:28 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 19 Comments
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Don’t click ‘read more’ if you are not ready!!

(Edited: MS pilot name fixed)

I try something different and using purple

Since pink paint barely use (Only for beam saber), I use that one.

somehow i want to call this ‘Kyrios Soma peries/Marie parfacy custom’ 🙂

Well people learn from past mistake and so do I,

somethings that I learn from this kit are :

1.Paint it first before glue them into one,very hard to paint this guy 😦

2.Use Primer

3.Use Enamel paint next time!!

and the most important


That’s for now,I might try do something to make this looks better later 😦



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  1. XD look more like Alluiya …Kyrios pilot girlfriend Marie suit since her first suit in the show is a pink terien.

    • That’s it,exactly what i want, I forgot her name, I thought her name is feldt, feldt is the pink haired girl just remember about her ^^;; gonna edit that name. thanks

      • It would be odd if Kyrios pilot in the movie suddenly from Marie change to Feldt as his girlfriend XD

      • I forgot that marie/Soma name.

  2. holy….. ITS PINK! lolz

    but hey, the scheme matched it. the purple seems to go well with the pink

  3. EPIC Phail is “MANLY”!!! Not knowing whats the difference bwtween paint types or what so name it is, but aren’t Tamiya paints watery in solution? Thanks for the tips btw, first I never use primer(sold out in this damn country)

    Btw Did Ghana won againt USA i forgot to watch^^

    • I use acrylic, as i know enamel better for drybrush and acrylic means for airbrush(I only know this 3 types enamel,acrylic,and lacquer).

      yes Ghana won 2-1,can’t wait for England VS German today.

  4. well, next use HG because the parts need not many masking ^^
    even a small one like Loto is easier to build.

    oh yeah, will you come to unicorn challenge in wB?

    • well i have HG Kyrios not gonna mod that one i just use this one for practice.I should buy masking then.
      nope I am not live in jakarta(and will be very busy this month).

  5. Looks pretty cute 😀
    haha I once painted a kit while watching a movie. couldnt focus on either one LOL

    • Hahaha try make it as cute as possible *LOL*
      I just feel if just concentrate painting i feel sleepy so i watch TV *LOL*

  6. lol @ #4 Honestly I doubt I could do that good of painting even if I was concentrating on it, it’s why I don’t really do this kind of stuff XD Shaky hands syndrome.

    • can’t miss that match at that time ^^;.
      same here I tried concentrate (in my other painting project)but still can’t do good painting using brush,gonna try spray next time.

  7. So this is where you are (I ish late haha). ^^

    It doesn’t look so bad since you were watching something at the same time. XP
    Did you, by any chance, do any masking?

    • thank you for visiting.
      who you are talking about?? did we know each other before???
      nope no masking.

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