Epic Fail (again)

June 30, 2010 at 4:26 pm | Posted in scratch build | 17 Comments

testing with resin

self-made mold  🙂 (made from plastic bottle of course).

ps: Ignore the shape.

fill my mold baby 😀

I grease the mold a bit with this one before fill with resin so i can take the resin easier after harden(should be ?).


moral of the story :  self-made mold with a lot of  gap won’t work!

any idea for mold ?


I just harden this one then (for what idiot ? ).



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    • I just try using whatever lying around.

  2. I’ve totally no idea. Is that mold supposed to be used as a base?

    • I just make it without thinking,actually i imagine a ship 😯

  3. RESIN!! Omg where’s you get that stuff??

    • my father bought it from chemical store,I just steal a bit :P.

  4. So resin is made from chemical >?

  5. gotta ask, you got a glimpse of the products name, or the price tag?

    • Nope,for price depends how many Liter you want to buy.(he bought this like 5 years ago so the price must be up now).and this one is cheap resin not the High quality one,I considering try modena resin clay in the future.(at least no need a mold)

  6. So uhh… what are you trying to do here?

    • I try to mold resin.

  7. ahahah, maybe plastic bottle is too soft
    you are actually trying to do recast?

    • Thank you for passing by.
      yes ^^

      • for big or small parts? For small parts you can use epoxy putty, read about this tuto from plamooutthere before.

      • I just try mold this one maybe I can make/mold custom weapon or something directly without pla-plate,and I might need this if one day i start making Custom SIC.

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