Deforide 004 Faiz Axel Form

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Deforide 004 : Faiz Axel Form

Cute version of Kamen Rider Faiz (axel form)

the Box  of this cute kamen rider .

all the contents : Faiz Axel form, Faiz gears,spare hands,the sword,stand and Crimson smash(rider kick) effect part.

The stand very similar with Figma stand.

The Faiz Gears : Faiz belt,Faiz phone,Faiz pointer,Faiz shot

I like how they include briefcase for this one.

this guy stand around 9cm tall.

with Faiz Edge.

With Faiz shot.

With faiz phone(gun mode),somehow the gun didn’t attach well to the hand so I use blue tac on it.

Crimson smash (rider kick),

for me this one is the best rider kick on heisei kamen rider universe.

the  articulation limitation of this guy.

Much better compared with normal nendoroid, but I don’t know if compared with the upcoming Nendoroid saber.

Size comparisons with nendoroid,sure this guy have smaller head 😛

comparisons With Hg 1/144 Exia.

not many people know about deforide and this  is the current Deforide line :

1.Deforide 001 Faiz

2.Deforide 002 Ryuki

3.Deforide 003 Decade

4.Deforide 004 Faiz Axel form

and now i thinking, the last released of deforide line was january 2010 and no sign for upcoming released.

is this Deforide figure line not attract customer like S.H figuarts or SIC ???

well for me I still prefer SIC or S.H Figuarts since I don’t think Kamen rider looks good in “cute” form,But I don’t mind buy Deforide Faiz or Decade next time and I hoping they released Deforide Kamen rider Kabuto he will looks great 😀

that’s all for now.



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  1. Holy crap, I almost forgot there was a line like this. You know this line would be better off ditching Decade and adding in Kabuto(everyones favorite) and Blade, yes King Blade, Damn it!

    Faiz Edge FTW! He need an Auto Vajin, Imagine how cute that be

  2. Nice get! Deforide’s pretty expensive, no?

    • it mark 3000 yen at HLJ but local store sell at 3600 yen,yeah quite pricey for small toy.but I really want Faiz-axel form(and decided to buy after saw hlj mark him as discontinued item),and since this guy have articulation(not swapping limbs like nendo) i think the price is reasonable.

  3. This guy look pretty neat,but seem like a nendo quality plus price of one XD

    • But this guy don’t have many faces/heads like nendo.
      by the way why you delete your blog ? gave up ?

      • I just happen to feel is pointless since I did not post anything for a long time.O ya forgot about nendo having faces and hands and legs XD

  4. @Keionfan maybe that’s better than own a dead blog,and if you want to start again you can name it 😀 .

    for me the only thing make this Deforide good is, I don’t need to replace the limb or face just for a single pose.

    • Yeah this way then having a blog that post nothing,wonder if anyone did use that name XD.
      Well that going to change with saber I guess.

      • Noone use that blog name don’t worry 🙂

    • O okay thanks,but wont be making anytime soon.
      But that time I was watching the final episode of Faiz at the last part where the fight finished,it look as if Takumi was going to die due to the body acceleration of being a Orphrenor …. however you spell that.

      • ah you mean episode 49 remember that one.
        (ps : correct spelling Orphnoch)

      • Okay Orphnoch,at the last few minute of episode 50 when they are relax Takumi cant even see properly.

  5. @Keionfan not only that even the Orphnoch King still alive!!!!

    • O ya that part XD the king and the women,but I guess he would be sleeping for a long time,but good for centipit Orphnoch working as a human from the lowest point but I just watch Agito and then know that he is a office of a police department XD

      • what agito is policeman,since when ???

      • I mean the actor of a police office in the Agito series is a actor of the centipit orphnoch in the Faiz series,one is very serious while the other is funny.

      • haha that’s right, the name’s beitao in agito’s chinese sub 😀

  6. @Keionfan ah that Centipede orphnoch that run away when the orphnoch king woke 😀

  7. Hmm the head just doesn’t look right from what I see…a bit too small for a chibi version haha. But then again, the articulation and playability is very nice!

    • Thank you for visiting.
      True the head too small hahaha
      but I think the upcoming nendoroid saber head also looks smaller than normal nendo ?

      • Haha that is why I am skipping that 😛

      • well since it’s saber i skip her also 😛 (not fan of saber).

  8. I’ve got totally no idea about this from MegaHouse (I saw the logo, I’m not wrong, am I?) He reminds me of ultra-man.

    • Right from Megahouse.
      well this one is kamen rider ^^ (but i must admit he a bit looks like ultraman *LOL*).

  9. 1 think I like about Faiz is that he have a mobile phone that he can use as a weapon… very cool… by the way, I linked u today… cheers

    • Thank you for visiting.
      yeah I think so the Mobile phone can be use as weapon.
      thanks you for the link.

  10. […] The Red “Crimson smash” part come from my Deforide faiz axel […]

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