Choro-Q Hybrid R/C Type Nissan Fairlady Z

July 7, 2010 at 3:13 am | Posted in Choro Q, R/C | 28 Comments
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gonna review this cute R/C  car 😀

Choro-Q Hybrid! Remote Control Type: Nissan Fairlady Z

usually takara tomy make Choro Q pull back car but this time Choro Q get R/C treatment!!!

some action that this car can do.

the contents : the car,bonus part (for ridiculous spinning action) and the 4 band remote control(A,B,C,and D),this car work with band C.

this how to charge the car’s battery (after insert 4 AAA batteries in the Radio).

just need to  wait 4-5 minutes .

up,down,left,right and 4 band channel (can choose between A,B,C,and,D).

the boost(or we can call it TURBO) button,press this and the car will run faster.

comparison with Tomica car’s box.

comparison with Tomica Nissan Fairlady Z (to mention that Tomica car have same size with Hotwheels or Matchbox’s car).

after put on the ridiculous part for spinning action (that really weird in my opinion).

just put a coin on it for wheelie action 🙂

what will you see after removing the body.

a bit dirty since I just used it for playing around.

if you want to see this car in action just go to youtube for choro Q hybrid R/C in action,(since I am too lazy for make video *LOL*).

Other model here

that’s all for now.



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  1. Oh man, This is so CUTE, but for some reason I want to get alternity Fairlady Z Megatron, and boy Do I HATE MEGS!!

    • you mean this one ??? I want that one also 😦

      • Why didnt they just made prime into the fairlady adn have megs be the GT-r, that would have been perfect for initial D

        “You are my graity, gravity”

  2. @Gunstray talking about Initial D how about Optimus prime as Trueno AE86 🙂 and bumblebee as RX-7 FD!

  3. This little car looks pretty cool. There is a nitro/turbo too huh. Is that a remote control?

    I saw from the video, it can actually drift on its own.

    • yes remote control,err actually I bought this one because saw that Drift action 😯 .

  4. where did u get it? n hw much

    • got from a retail toy store in mall for around 37 SGD(close with original price 2000yen),a bit unusual mall sell not really expensive, and now i think about it only gunpla cost a bomb in mall 😦 .

      • oic

      • since takara’s pullback car cost 400-500 yen each, i think the price is forgivable since this one is Remote control,and mainly i buy because saw this car can do drift on its own.

  5. Silly question: what’s a four band remote?

    First timer here, ze. =)

    • Thank you for visiting.
      and Thanks for the Silly Question 🙂

  6. woah.. cute.. would be good it it’s a plamo eh? SD Nissan Fairlady? hahaha..

    nice to meet you too aya.. btw nice blog, gotta add you at my bloglist ^^;

    • Thank you for visiting.
      SD Car-generation Fairlady Z :P.
      nice to meet you too 🙂 ,thanks.

  7. I had that Yoshi from Mario kart micro RC somewhere in my blog… not the drift kind tho =.=’

    oh I posted 4 in a day actually…

    • I saw mario and yoshi car also IMO they are a bit faster.
      😯 4 post a day….

  8. 😀 Chrono Q RC Car is so cute. I saw quite a few of them in singapore. Last time played the Chrono Q PS games and love the design.

    did u collect them?

    • thank you for visiting.
      unfortunately I never play the game.
      I am not really collecting them,For the pull back car I only own one(bought 5 years ago) for this R/C I have GT-R and this Fairlady Z.

  9. Hey I am a sucker for Choro-Q’s! I have quite a few from way way back when you have to assemble them yourself!

    I have the older Q-Steer remote control cars but their dash button isn’t as fast as this one. They don’t charge on the controller but have their own batteries.

    This one is great but the charging function means the toy will die quite soon 😦 I have a few micro RC’s (Tomy’s micro RC toys) that work the same way and they are all dead.

    • Thank you for visiting.
      This is my first micro R/C,kinda don’t have place to play Bigger R/C these days 😦 .
      yeah I know, I hope will enjoy this kit before died.

  10. wow, this is looked smaller than my RC CAUL (>_<)

    • Well indeed this one smaller.

  11. I have one of these remote control cars, it is a Lamborghini murcielago. It drifts by itself and goes really fast when you press the accelerate button. Charges in 5 minutes and drives for 10 minutes. I also bought another one named Qupe since this car was soooooooooooo good.

    • Thank You for visiting Peanut John, yeah they are so good and the accelerate button isn’t bullshit 😀 kinda miss them,I have this one and GT-R Somehow prefer to buy Japanese cars,and they also produce cheaper pull-back car that have compatible body with these.

  12. My husband bought the Choroqhybrid MarioKart Wii VS Type in Tokyo and it makes all the right sounds but won’t drive (its remote control). Any idea what we’re doing wrong? Disappointed kids can’t wait much longer….


    • what you mean drive or drift ? as I remember choro Q mariokart not mean for drifting m ^^ if you mean that can’t running but making sounds(the remote control sounds right ?) maybe something wrong with the engine/gear(s) or just the simplest thing you forgot turn on the car since the on/off button quite small

  13. Can you switch out the body with older versions? (Such as a supra)

    • I don’t think so their body a bit different with usual choro-Q but as i remeber they do sell many choro-Q hybrid series which bodies can be used for these as expansion
      something like this

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