S.I.C vol 55 Stronger and Tackle

July 12, 2010 at 11:46 am | Posted in Kamen Rider Toys, S.I.C | 6 Comments
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World Cup result : Netherland Lost ToT.

Finally Bandai released another showa kamen rider SIC 😀

S.I.C stronger getting better and better.

😯 Seems that Kenji Ando not familiar sculpting female figures…..

Well I was hoping for Tackle like in decade movie war thought 🙂 ,or maybe Bandai will include interchangeable head(without helmet) for tackle.

September released for 6500 yen.  why SIC become more and more expensive and less parts included 😦

images from Cyber Gundam.



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  1. Even though I like Spain, I was hoping that holland would win. Meh….

    This is new to me. I don’t really know about kamen rider but they do look familiar. I wonder if i’ve seen the chinese translation before….

    • I never imagine spain will go to final before.
      Actually I haven’t watch this kamen rider stronger series,since this one aired in 1975,I just like S.I.C figures 😀 .

  2. Oh man, I was about to say, “Ill send you to the netherlands, but man was that one hell of a game, oh and I bet for spain, w00T.

    Sic Stronger sweet, Tackle…*stares at that short skirt* The knee pits, gah there Horrible!

    • I was hoping final between German and Netherland at first.
      yes SIC tackle looks horrible.

  3. This is the big size SIC – which is why they’re expensive… something for a real collector they said… but the price is not that friendly – I think I skip this though I dont mind to get the cheaper SIC Kiwami Tamashii figure instead – if they produce it in the future that is… furthermore from my previous experience with SIC Kamen Rider Black – the articulation is not that great anyway – it’s there but don’t expect it to be like SH Figuarts…

    • I just start collecting SIC figures,yeah they are expensive but since they made from metal in some parts,taller,and give some “junk” parts The price is worth,for articulation newer SIC have better articulation although S.H figuarts articulation is superb compared with SIC.
      SIC kiwami is nice smaller and much cheaper, I am still looking for SIC kiwami Faiz-axel and Wild chalice(since they are limited in normal SIC released) but I miss their released 😦

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