Gaddess part 1

July 15, 2010 at 8:41 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 22 Comments
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My favorite Mobile Suit in GNZ series.

Straight build first,of course will modifies in some part later.

Somehow I see a huge face there!

need 2 hours to snap fit this guy.

Bandai already Provide the parts for modification 😀

that’s all for now.



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  1. Man… the shoulders are huge! Look so muscular to me 🙂

    • yeah I think so although The pilot is Girl ^^ ,and the big shoulder make this kit very heavy it can’t stand with it’s own skinny legs.

  2. Yeah I was slightly disapointed Bandai’s coloring was a lttle bit more green than blue, but we do get clear parts^^

    ….Now I feel like crying again…..T_T

    • I think this color called ‘coral blue’ so it looks a bit green.yeah the clear parts :D.

  3. i wanted tis kit 4 a long time but havent get yet TT

    • Good luck getting this,I am sure this kit still in stock everywhere.

  4. Does the gaddess have beam saber handle molding in the skirt like the gaddess?

    • Gadessa I mean the one with the mega particle beam cannon.

      • yes it got gadessa skirt parts ,but unused and mark X in the instruction.
        see the last picture.

  5. It looks feminine to me. The body is small and the limbs are thin as well 😀

    Somehow I think pink colour might look very good…

    • but not the shoulder *LOL*,and I just use pink for my last FG Kyrios soma’s Custom project.

      • Changing the blue part into pink should looks great. It is better to have some white colour to remain

      • yeah will think about it,I really sucks on painting maybe will try use spray cans next time,but I am gonna do a bit modification first before that.

  6. Looks good, I think the color makes it stand out more to me, though the white takes away from it a bit.

    • thanks,True the white takes away a bit.

  7. The one I truly don’t like from this is the blue color.
    feels so light…

    and I wonder, can the model stands on its own?

    • the truth is I like so light color :),
      It can stand by it’s own but a bit unstable just touch it a bit it will fall.

      • And that’s why there is a “Destiny stand” for every Ga-. XD

  8. Can’t wait to see what kind of mods you have in stall for this guy ^^. Among the Gadess series this is my favourite! But reminds me of the sad part with lockon though!

  9. ‘bandai already provided the parts for modification’
    I don’t get what you mean by the last photo, haha

    • you will know later :),those parts in last picture is marked X on the instruction sheet,that’s why I said bandai already prepared parts for modification.

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