Gaddess part 2

July 18, 2010 at 3:50 pm | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 15 Comments
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tried epoxy putty,I am sure this skirt part belongs to gaddesa.

notice any differences ??

just did a very simple modification just put the ‘GN Fangs’ in different places.

for people that not watching Gundam 00 or  don’t know what I mean by ‘GN Fangs’ ? ‘GN Fang’ is the weapon that marked with red circle(oval)

made the hole too big on the left and too small on the right 😦 ,need to fix that.

for now just use blue tac.

I think the Fangs also need epoxy putty,to fill the hollow.

Gonna make bigger hole on the right,they looks not asymmetrical.

2 more GN Fangs to go,before painting.

that’s all for now.



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  1. I don’t see the difference >.<
    well mainly cus I didnt really pay much attention to the suit designs in OO 😛

    • hahaha I just moving the ‘GN fangs’,I just pay attention to few mobile suit that I like :).

  2. Ah so you reaattach the gn fangs behind the skirt haha. Are you going to putty the other holes too?

    • check my previous reply I showed you the spoiler already :D,don’t know about the other holes maybe just the hollows on the GN fangs.

      • Ah sugoi!!! Very nice concept you got there mate! As for catus lol….that was just way crazy. I usually just read through but seldom comment there already

  3. Bit skirt armor, Now that is pretty feminine, So waht about the other 2 bits.

    Had a bad argument once on N K Side chat box about the whole Bits and fangs…ended in a bitter stalemate^^;

    • Spoiler for the rest of the bits.I already stop reading Ngeekhiong’s Cbox (only left messages 2-3 times) last time I saw someone named cactus became crazy :x,never read Ngeekhiong’s cbox anymore since then.

      • Oh, NIIIIICCCCCE^^

        Hahah, that’s some cruel twist of fate that guy gave yah^^;;

  4. @Chubbybots and Gunstray Thanks, but please stop talking about cactus!!!! he wrote like 50 messages in a row last time.

  5. I agree with Gunstray that the kit is pretty feminine. Since you mentioned in your previous post that the pilot is a girl, well, this kit suits her I guess. It really amazes me to see such feminine kit. I’ve not seen one prior to this. Good stuff! 🙂

    • Thank you.

  6. Nice simple mod-job, ze.

    Been thinking of modding my HG 00 Gundam with the extra parts from 1.5 Gundam. Uh.. HEY~! DON’T RUN~!

    Setsuna: No way~! You’re NOT modifying my unit~! *runs*

    ps. be adding you to my blogroll, too. =D

    • thank you,will imagine about that OO + rebons cannon GN claw. add you too :).

  7. I guess you can make use of the fangs’ hollow parts to do detailing.

    • it will looks not asymmetrical.

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