Gaddess part 3

July 21, 2010 at 1:00 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 23 Comments
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not as good as I imagined earlier 😦

I really need practice painting a lot……………..

Really hard paint the ‘GN Fang’ 😡 ,I really need a masking tape 😦

😦 something not right……

still stinking what to do with the display stand,and the skirt part that I puttied earlier .

BANDAI sticker got the idea from KING of Geylang Shewsbury Land

*LOL* just kidding 😛

after made bigger holes.

That’s all for now,still fixing this kit, especially the paint.



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  1. So you are using spray paint, and so far I like the arrangement of bits, though personal qualms, The black is bit smudgy and do you use the tamiya brand hobby tape(yellow) those things works wonders.

    • no I use brush,I mean I will use spray if I have masking with me,just got the masking tape yesterday.

  2. gotta like the fangs’ arrangements~ looks very nice. although the paint looks messy, try clean it up~ my early painting experience is far more messy than yours ^^;;;

    • gonna fix the paint this weekned.

  3. erm… try using alcohol swabs to wipe the mudges off. alternatively you could use a hobby knife to scratch it off carefully

    • Thanks gonna do that this weekend :).

  4. Always wanted to get the Gadessa, but… the 1.5 Gundam hit me the most. But still, looks quite unique.

    As for the black areas, I’d normally used a dual-nibbed CD marker pen for those. It’s cheap and cheerful. =D

    • I don’t like using marker,my only marker is for panel lining.

  5. Actually you might want to try Bd’s idea of using the CD marker. I used that for my HG god gundam black lines and they work like a charm!

    • Thank you,Will think about it 😀

  6. The lines on the fangs seem thick. I’d like to see the next progress on that paint.

    • maybe I really need use CD marker..

      • Go for the dual-nib ones, dual-nibs. One is a sharp fine tip (good for lining) at one end and a broad-tip on the other.

  7. I don’t have any of the bad guy from Gundam 00 anime yet…. but someday I hope I can get at least the bad guy boss MS like Bushido Ahead, Susanowo, Reborns Gundam, Gadessa and few others – just the HG 1/144 scale though…. too many MS in the Gundam 00 anime…. can’t afford all of them 😦

    • yeah so many mobile suit(and variations) in 00 series.
      I like Mr bushindo unit,honestly in second season the bad guys unit looks better than the good guys for me.

    • I can only recommend two Good Bad guys, GARazzo, or Masarao^^;

      • I will recommended Over flag or throne zwei 🙂 for first season.

      • I think Reborns Gundam and O Gundam are pretty nice as bad guy… hahahaha

      • totally forgot about O gundam yes that one is great 🙂

  8. I don’t know why the first picture remind me of master gundam from g gundam maybe of the fangs as the ear XD and are you going to paint the back of the fangs ?

    • paint ??I just paint some part on the fangs black,and maybe just fill the hollows on the other side with epoxy putty.

  9. If you are not going to paint the whole kit, I think you can sand the excessive black paint off.

    I did that to my models before I started painting. I just painted the black first without having to worry it will ‘beleber2’, until i get a nice and constant black. After that I sanded the surface so the excessive black will be peeled off. Off course by using a fine sand and do it slowly ^^

    • I will paint the whole kit but not now :),so sand surface for the the excessive paint,thanks for the suggestion.

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