Gaddess part 4

July 23, 2010 at 6:00 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 13 Comments
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try to fix the paint using thinner and cotton bud.

still won’t use marker for now.

picture before I fixed the paint

Since, I haven’t puttied the hollows on the other side of the ‘Fangs’ this enough, and I thinking paint whole the kit maybe it will end like this for now.



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  1. Those are thick bold lines there. Reminded me on how I used to “paint” my kits, eight year back… Due to sudden twitches with my hands, I stopped.

    If only modeling putty was easily available at my area…
    *looks at the hollowed parts of his gunpla collection*


    • Still don’t like using marker,I should use the foil stickers from the beginning.

      • Or you could just paint on the sheet then stick it in^^

  2. looks better~ gonna be a tough work to get all Fangs puttied up..

    • and now you talk about that,after puttied them all i still need make hollows on them and paint them black again exactly like the other side……

  3. I have a suggestion for the holes for the fangs to put on, if you PC part number 10(the rubbery triangle holed pieces) there ussualy 4 of them in each Gundam 00 s2 kit. Then could just reshape the tabs on the fangs to fit the holes.

    • good idea, but it’s rubber polcaps…… really an @sshole when painting those polycaps joint…..

  4. is the hole really that big?
    I thought you should have painted the whole model before actually lining.

    so, do you use handbrush?

    • which hole ? you mean hollows ?, not really big.
      yes i use handbrush,well I was using spray but I want try practice using handbrush maybe use airbrush for the future years.

  5. hmm… does the marking looks patchy to you? like it’s not level?

    • Yes.

  6. Hmmm.. seems like there is still work to be done for the black color lines/outlines huh. From the photo, they still don’t look smooth. I don’t know how to do it. But I do hope you could smoothen them. I’m waiting to see your finishing. 🙂

    • I even don’t know when i will finish this kit 😯

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