Seed 1/144 Raider

July 25, 2010 at 4:40 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 26 Comments
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I think this was my very first modification I ever did to my kit.

Seed 1/144 Raider gundam ,like my FG kyrios Turn into MA mode.

I did this,around 6 years ago.

(notes : i just re-glued the legs and do a little sanding)

looks so ugly…

Seems that I broke the V-fin.



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  1. Is that an original or a FG Seed kit? Looks very messy and like you said, ugly.

    There’s a lot of work to be done, so good luck. *salutes*

    • *LOL* who said i want to finish this one 😛

  2. You turned the FG into its MA mode, sweet, though I never did dig Raider, since it felt more of a flying foot stand for calamity.

    • hahaha true flying stand 🙂 , i think i used this guy as Strike fling stand at that time.

  3. i m vry impress

    • 😯 why ?

  4. Raider actually a nice MS, but a bit unpopular eh?

    • It can fire plasma beams out of its mouth, so it should be popular for running shoop the whoop gags

  5. Actually for an FG kits its quite a well done mod! Perhaps just clean up the nub marks a bit first haha!

    • yeah maybe try to fix this kit when I have time.

  6. That looks my first gundam kit. I’ve the rough joints (from the cuts) all visible. I think chubbybots suggested that I sand them back then.. But I guess, I’m too lazy to do it (or rather… *lol*)

    • maybe just keep this like this as the way I plan retire from gunpla ASAP.

      • Retire? You kidding me? Then what are you getting into, if not gunpla?

      • I build gunpla for around 9 years, lately I lost passion and i don’t have any talent on them,better consentrate with other colection 🙂 and after all this blog isn’t gunpla blog.

      • Waitwhat? Retiring from gunpla? O_O

      • >> Aya: Hahah trust me, once that poison has hit you, you can never comback, its like D**G except more productive

      • Frankly speaking I’m considering or rather already on the verge on retiring from GunPla also… it was fun and I think I had enough… soon I will just focus into GFF/GFFN/GFFMC and Robot Tamashii only….

        I just wait till HGUC Sinanju come out , grab it, build it, after that and I think I will only touch GunPla once in a while – maybe one or 2 kits a year….

      • @Gunstray let’s see I have enough fun already.

        @David John I thinking the same way 🙂

      • Concentrate on other collection… Hmmm…
        Probably you can make gunpla as an ad-hoc basis thingy.
        For me, maybe I’d buy gunpla once a year… started my first during last fiesta, maybe second one this fiesta if I ever visit one, I don’t know.

      • @softz I thinking start making custom figures to replace gunpla.

  7. nice one! taking that you made it 6 years ago, that time i had just build my first Gunpla!

    • and what gunpla it was ?

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