SIC Kiwami Tamashii Wild Chalice

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edited : add figure articulation pictures.

SIC Kiwami Tamashii Wild chalice.

I am grateful bandai released this guy since the normal SIC got Limited released.

all the contents 😀 (price won’t lie *LOL*).

wild slashers…really looks like Praying mantis now.

my only complain to this figure is the wild slashers doesn’t attach very well.


Wild Cyclone.

Quite nice although doesn’t have any die-cast metal parts on his armor.


HAHAHA just kidding 😛 .

Size Comparison with SIC Dark Kiva.

comparison with tamiya spray can and HG 1/144 Arios.

comparison with Nendoroid.



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  1. That Dark Kiva is BIG~! And not mention nasty looking, too. Those two should have a match, someday. =D

    • but the size,sure dark kiva will beat WILD chalice very easy 😛

      • Yeah that would be a huge “Wake up” for Challice there =P

  2. Is there any difference in the tittle for SIC, it kinda gets confusing. but for a little guy, he sure is very detailed

    • which differences ??
      for SIC types better read wikipedia, I only know SIC,SIC takumi damashii,movie/manga realization and SIC kiwami tamashii

  3. @Gunstray Blade should help then 🙂



  4. Yeah the Kiwami Tamashii series have serious gripping problems…


    • yeah that gripping problem…..
      Wake Up!!

  5. Wow dark Kiva is huge! For a figure that small the wild chalice ain’t too shabby ^^ Looks very detailed from here! But how are the leg articulations though?

    • Of course Huge it’s around 18 cm tall. the articulation not really great,if you wanting articulation buy S.H Figuarts.

  6. They somehow reminds me of Dr. Baxter Stockman. I think probably due to the head mask. The eyes are so big. 🙂

    • you mean that Baxter Stockman from ‘teenage mutant ninja turtle’ series ?? (yes, the eyes looks like him 😛 , but he is FLY and Chalice is mantis ).
      Wild Chalice base design is Praying mantis that’s why the eyes looks like that.
      as for Dark KIVA it supposed to be bat since KIVA = KIng Of VAmpire.

      • Ah… now I know what KIVA means. I thought it was just some Japanese name, or something related. That’s cool explanation. 🙂

      • *LOL* I just read wikipedia 🙂 .

  7. looks nice

    • for Small size(and price) this guy really looks nice.

  8. Wow… Wild Chalice = Serial Rapist…. hahahaha….

    “Kau hancurkan hati ku untuk melihat mu….” Peter Porn


    Since I’m slowing down on GunPla now… more Kamen Rider will come to Shewsbury Land soon… hopefully by next we can start looking at 1 or 2 of them… I’m getting lots of those figures from Final Form Ride series for Kamen Rider Decade…

    SIC Kiwami Tamashii figures are always lavish in detailing part but this Serial Rapist… I just don’t like that “clown” kind of color…

    Apart from that, I would still love to get this figure and make him a “Serial Rapist” so that other Kamen Rider in Shewsbury Land can kick his penis hahahahaha…..

    • *LOL* serial rapist and peter porn, hahaha so he quite famous at Brunei also….
      wahahhahaha Looking forward for those FFR David 🙂

  9. nice details for small (and kinda cheap) kit, I should consider getting one Kiwami Tamashii in the future.

    • yeah very detailed and cheap.

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