A little walk

July 31, 2010 at 9:54 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Miscellaneous | 28 Comments

I apologize for some blur pictures since they are taken from mobile phone’s camera.

ToT maybe I should buy one of those air compressors.

and airbrush as well 😦

go to toys

RA I JI EN GU spotted(IMO  a bit too skinny).

and Kuuga ultimate (dark eyes version) also .

better I not start buying S.H Figuarts limited/exclusive items will kill me 😦 ,although Kamen rider G3-X and G4 steal my eyes a bit.

rising Ixa and Kuuga cost 720.000 IDR each (yahoo finance)

as price in local forum are IDR 620.000 (for rising ixa) and 650.000 IDR (for kuuga ultimate dark eyes, Red eyes more expensive 😡 ) excluding delivery of course.

I prefer S.I.C if must pay that price,I will think about it if there is Narumi Sokichi(skull) there.

and I saw Metal composite Lancelot albion there (sorry the picture really blur 😦 ).

By the way I bought kit that I want since 2 years ago.

of course after little modifications.

still need a lot of works to do!!

The design still in my concept,try make it a bit looks like armored core , no WIP post sorry . Finally found use of that FG Kyrios’s riffle 🙂 .Might be my Last kit since i gonna retire from gunpla .

and I got 2 gachapons gonna put review on them soon.(clue : kamen rider w)



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  1. nice throne zwei the sword at the leg nice!

    • Just need to remove the skirt part with Fangs weapon, the sword attach very well without any modification needed.

  2. intresting

    • I believe every kit have potential to do modification on it.

  3. -_- 1-9-3 is like more then 3 times a average SHF and is the den-o a sd one like your faiz?

    Is that sticker that on the punch hopper mean it come with a stand?

    O ya what will you do with Zwei side skirt,since they look quite nice.

    • Actually it’s 2.5 average price and that price still cheaper than e-bay(actually the shipping make rising ixa more expensive,as for kuuga i saw the cheapest was 99USD last time),as for Den-O yes it a bit similar with my Faiz but it’s not as articulated as Deforide but they made by same company ‘megahouse’.

      Not only Punchooper some S.H.Figuarts come with stand to promote tamashi action stand,and all pretty cure S.H figuarts got stand :).

      I don’t like that bulky Skirt gonna try turn this Throne Zwei into gundam that can match Exia 🙂 .

      • So now Zwei cant launch his Fangs ?

      • the kit’s fangs can’t deployed, kind of useless to keep it and I don’t really like Fangs weapon also, maybe can use that part for upcoming modification.

      • Modification ? Any hints ?

  4. WOWWWWW That’s a lot of SH Figuarts! Where is this place?

  5. hm…you’re going to retire from gunpla but you still want compressor and airbrush, are you going for military or resin kits? ^^

    • YES and maybe Learn Custom SIC also.

  6. @Keionfan No hint since currently not build another kit or another modification,I just keep that parts first.

    • O okay.

      • but I can tell you what inside my head right now.
        I just need this kit and those throne zwei’s skirt parts will be use as wings(after paint them white) then ‘please insert a mythological animal’s name here’ 😀 .

  7. Ah I am also slowing down on gunpla but not entirely quiting. Now I am moving more towards collecting figures than making one haha….work is picking up and I have less time on my hands!

    • I try slowing down before completely retire.

      by the way I try figure sculpting also now.

      • Your using moddeling clay or putty?

      • can’t find proper clay yet, so I use epoxy putty with chopstick as base.

      • >> Aya: The Tamiya type products?

      • >>Gunstray any brand of epoxy putty will do, but yes I use Tamiya.

  8. Aww its too bad your not including the Big Skirt tassets from Zwei(Im a sucker for those)

    But heck Thats the most number of SHF I’ve seen in a shelf^^

    • I have another idea for those skirt :).
      same here.

  9. So, will you really buy the air compressor and air brush? I’d love to see you doing some funky artwork on the model kits man… seriously! I’ve got no idea about the red (gundam?!) at all. So I can’t say much on that. Looks like he has an elephant trunk! *LOL*

    • I am gonna leaving my home next month (campus life start), I have money to buy airbrush but I won’t really use it so I won’t buy for now 😦 . for that gundam still try my best.

  10. ooh….those AB sure gonna kill me….oh eh?quiting gunpla? then make this one to be the best then 😀

    • quiting Gunpla but not quiting modeling.I don’t think so 😦

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