Kamen rider W Gashapon

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Since the series almost ended better buy something for memento 😀 .

Double driver and Trigger magnum.

unfortunately the gaia memories are stickers 😦 .



well quite nice since it’s just gachapon.

anything is ‘made in China’ .

Trigger Magnum.


Paint Black for SKull Magnum or Paint it Red for Shroud Magnum  ??

the rest are metal shaft,Cyclone memory and beetle phone.

the metal shaft is balloon 😦 not looks tempting.



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  1. Aww, Aww, Damn It!! I so want to have that keuychain of Triger magnum, It looks so CUTE!!

    • Cute but a bit Thick…

  2. NICE!!! I want that Trigger Magnum >.< I would get these if i were still in msia 😦

    • 😦 , ask your family then 😀

      • LOL my mom wouldn’t do that. she think’s it’s a waste of money T.T

      • same here 😦 ,but lately She can accept my toys collection.

  3. nice btw hw much is one?

    • I got for around 3 SGD,but I am pretty sure it’s only 2 SGD at singapore.

  4. oic

  5. I plan to buy some figures from this Kamen Rider W series…. but not sure which one yet…. sigh, Bandai always make many figures from modern Kamen Rider series to eat more money from us… hahahaha

    • I think the Black and white one looks nice among the others.I feel kamen rider W figures just recolor 😦 + new weapon same with Gunpla these days.

      • Agree… most of them are just some recolor and maybe a little bit of minor modification here and there from Bandai…

        But still… I wonder why, despite Bandai have been so successful with that tactics, we never seems to get bored and somehow still buy lots of Bandai products hahahahaha…..

        I guess we can’t blame Bandai…. LOL

      • I am not one of them David, I never buy gunpla variation before I am sure will get bored very easy If build same kit,don’t know yet about figures,and for that W figures only the black and white one attract my eyes .

  6. Those are some pretty nice key-chains. I didn’t know they are key-chains from first few photos until I saw the chains. Cool stuff 🙂

    • Only the Gun(blue thing) is keychain, and for the other one is use like this in the show, It can really inserted in your belt but of course you won’t transform lol.

  7. Nice, I should definitely crank one of those gashapons when I get a chance again. Looks pretty well done for something so small. ^^

    • So you tried one before ?

      • Just some Gundam gashapons which I had the chance to get while I was at KL last year. ^^

  8. where in KL i can buy kamen rider for my son? thanks for your help.

  9. I wish I could buy one.:(

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