Shin Ryuubi Part 1

August 7, 2010 at 12:02 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 14 Comments
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It’s been a while since my last BB sangokuden kit (around 5 years).Actually i only plan buy the horse but ended with Shin Ryuubi Gundam also.

I haven’t watch the anime yet (not interested to be exact) don’t know anything about this guy 😛

What make Bandai turn into the “greatest” toy maker is, they can sell exactly the same kit with just adding one extra weapon like this lol.

the armor (excluding the shoulder’s armors).

painting soon 😦

Sure people that Like Build SD/BB kits have better detailing skill.

“Rider” kick 😀



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  1. Haha I have the original one, lesson learn, never buy new releases too early!!! All the good ones are behind!

    • Since the first one release years ago I think it doesn’t matter, except you just buy it or it’s still unbuild,But i don’t buy variation maybe I will feel a bit angry if own the first released.

  2. i suggest u to spray or paint gold to make the gold more realistic

    • Gonna paint him later, I still doing modification for the horse.

  3. rider kick lol

    • 😛 hahaha

  4. Woah.. I never thought that the horse could do that pose…
    A “Shooting ~Ass~ Star” pose hahaha..

    • hahahahaha

  5. Mehbe I shouldnt have bough Blue Destiny Ba Chao yet, Oh well, But seriously EZ 8 was included in the new line. You havent seen the anime, well its kiddish but its like Sengoku Basara^^

    • but I don’t really like sengoku basara 😛

  6. Dumb question here.. but does the gundam able to ride/fit on the horse? I didn’t see any photos of that though.

    • ah this question 🙂

  7. Some painting is needed to make the BB looks like the picture on the box… sigh… I hate doing painting (as I have no skills anyway LOL) … which is why I skip BB and prefer HG 1/144 …. sigh…

    • yes a lot of painting needed 😦 to make them looks good but I want to remember my old days since my first kit was a SD sangokuden.

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