A New Horse ? part 1

August 10, 2010 at 8:00 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 14 Comments
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I thought it’s white,but turn out silver 😦 .

both version (the original and anime version are silver 😦 )

can’t really attach very well.

Poor horse 😛

This horse is special for Throne Zwei’s skirt parts.

current concept.

should be like this.

poor little horse.



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  1. Ah… I got the answer to my dumb question which I asked prior. 🙂 NICE!

    • Yes very Nice horse 🙂 and you question answered 😀 .

  2. it is called white silver meteor horse… so it suppose to be silver 😀 (although the quality so so).

    I think you somehow transformed it into your little pony lol

    • ah thanks,so I tricked by the boxart 😦 .
      exactly i want to turn this into little pony lol

      • little pony lol hhaha

      • Little “Pegasus” then 🙂

  3. So Its like a pegasus, and I swear I heard of the title somewhere else, hmm…

  4. yup.
    You mean ‘a new Hope’ lol .

  5. nice customize on the horse the wings , lol it is kind of funny

    • of course funny it’s pony horse 😛

  6. LOL Love ur mod ^^

    • Thanks :).

  7. the horse only 1 colour?
    well if you plan to paint it, it will be a hell of masking…

    well every SD is like that (except Exia R2 and Unicorn and so on maybe)

    • yes only mold in silver and i only did a bit masking 🙂 . mainly SD sangokuden need a lot of painting, as for Exia and Unicorn they don’t have parts that need to paint golden/silver I don’t think need painting like BB sangokuden kits.

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