A New Horse ? part 2

August 12, 2010 at 8:13 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 21 Comments
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Edited: rearrange the image.

turn out not very well 😦

just a bit masking.

before painting.

the paint-job turn out not very well 😦 ,and my only regret is i should just let the tail white not yellow.

I should buy Pla-plate form the beginning ToT.



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  1. Did I see a Pegasus?

    • maybe 😉

  2. hmm makes me feel like modding my own horse for my nendos lol 😛

    The wings looks okay to me though. If you use pla plate it will be easier especially those thinner ones.

    • make one 😀 ,the BB gundam can’t sit on that so i use nendoroid instead lol.
      with pla-plate I can make other one with open wings 😦 .

  3. We need a Nendo Herculus or MuDaF***kin Nendo Shizuo to ride that thing

    Though I kinda think the Hair and the tail mismatches witht the whole horse.

    • Its inspiring

      • hahahaha nendoroid hercules .
        yes the tail looks mismatches,I should just let the tail white 😦 .
        poor horse date must be very heavy lol.

  4. this is the horse from yesterday? this turns out quite nicely.

    • thanks,yes the Horse from yesterday.I need 2 days to paint this.

  5. then ur throne zwei cannot becom throne zwei anymore

    • Yes,since throne zwei won’t use them. he currently under modification, I already cut some part from throne zwei also like his shoulder(the place to put on the beam saber)glue the weapons on his back and also plan to paint Him Black later.

      and by the way do you think my 1/144 raider and FG kyrios can back to ms mode ? nope they can’t.

  6. looks pretty good 😀

    • Thanks.

  7. haha that is a cool horse 🙂 Works perfect for Nendos

    • thanks,I special made this for nendoroid, although doesn’t looks as good as i imagine earlier.

  8. Are those wings the Fangs holder/side skirt for Throne Zwei?

    • Thank you for visitng.
      yes those parts are from throne zwei’s side skirt.

  9. […] any of you missed the “Horse” with not so good paint result you can read here […]

  10. I never fancy nendo coz it’s hard for them to stand and do action pose but I cannot deny that they’re absolutely DAMN CUTEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    • You know David ? I never thought will buy nendoroid before 😯 ,and I made this “Horse” to lure female readers 😉 .

  11. […] after That little Pony/Pegasus Horse we have this Dog now […]

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