Packing toys

August 15, 2010 at 6:00 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 30 Comments

Since I am going to leave from home next week, to start campus life.I clean a my room and repacking my toys and model kit for some reason like :

1.Avoiding them turn into dust magnet, although I put them on shelf still >w< .

2.They moving my room/House.(just in case)

I just realized that most of My HG kits are from OO series…. I think I need 1 more MG box for HG and1/144 kits.

seems I I don’t have any more time paint my throne zwei black now 😦

SD/BB kits


Unused weapon,limbs,etc but i called them “JUNK”.

Let’s move to other than Gunpla….. too much gunpla not good for eyes 🙂

Gashapon and trading figures.

and I wish can packing them like this :

Seal the “Undead” LOL.

or Crush them :


Maybe I should throw these instructions away ?

some random die-cast cars.

Still not yet finished packing them maybe tomorrow, 2 More PVCs,Revoltechs,SICs,and some military model kit to go.

I don’t think will make part 2 for this post 😛 taking picture while packing reduce my speed 🙂 .



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  1. That’s whole of gunpla in three boxes…

    LOL at seal an undead XD
    And poor Sakuya… T_T Wait, don’t recall that she is an undead (a Lunarian, maybe)…

    Better take the pictures AFTER packing. =D

    All the best on your new term. *waves*

    • 4.5 boxes to be exact(half boxes for parts).
      I never call sakuya undead it’s Yume,cat undead anyone ;).Let’s crush all fangirevampire and their minion :).

      “Fangire… please Return that life to God!”

      will thinking about that and thanks.

  2. my my,,a lot of stuff there
    imo you should wrap every stuff with tissue or paper, so it won’t scratch with another,,and give more “paper ball” so they won’t shaking
    just in case they moved to another place

    • Good idea,thanks.

  3. If only everything could be sealed, eh?

    • hahahah yes.

  4. Good luck for your new term!

    • Thanks.

  5. All the best man!
    Oh my, look at all your toys! They are chucked into the box… sigh…

    • thanks and that’s better than they covered with dust right ;).

  6. (is getting deja vu)

    OH NO SAKUYAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Risk become maid of devil.

  7. Sakuyaaaaa!!! wheres ur awesome dagger throwing!! keel that IXA LOL

    lol Yume got card-ed ^^;;

    For those gunplas, have a sweet dark stay in that boxes lol

    Did I saw a PINK Kyrios?

    and Send that Yomi gashapon… hmmmmmmmm

    • Thank you for visiting.
      hmmm so maybe kabuto is better idea for crushing sakuya will think about it.
      those Gunpla were stay in their boxes before i have shelf back then, I am sure they won’t mind back there ;).
      that pink kyrios is soma peires’s custom with very bad paint-job lol.
      Yomi gachapon where ?? i don’t have yomi!!.

      • 😀
        lol Kabuto >_<
        ah.. i see.. didnt thought bout that ^^;;
        im mean Yami … ^^;;

      • how about blade king 😉 .
        ah Yami hahahaha.

  8. Nendo cruelty, I heartly approve, Especially IXA,POLICE BRUTALITY!!!

    • Finally someone approve thanks :).

  9. i did not no u hav lots of kit

    • I buying them since I was 9(mainly SD kits) and those kits are so little compared with the others, since I only buy one or two every 2-4 months.

      • wow thatz about 10 years!

      • But I didn’t know they called gundam at that time hahahaha.

  10. don’t throw the instruction, use them as posters!

    • hahaha won’t throw them away, they like “certificate” of my gunpla collection lol and I don’t like poster but I think their boxarts looks better for poster.

  11. Gosh I did the same recently…. not bcoz I’m moving or anything but the influx of many Kamen Rider figures recently make my shelf full and as the Figma complained about other figures “invading” their shelf, I have to put plenty of things back to the box now…. sigh…

    I wish that I am very rich and wealthy so that I can buy bigger house and more shelf/cabinet to display all of our toys… but that is just a dream…

    • yeah wish have a big house with Big room for all of the toys…………with big shelf on each side.

  12. Awesome stuff ;D DO I SPY A SD SANDROCK? =0 Where you from lol.

    • yes a SD Sandrock I got that 7 years ago and I am sure wrote where I from at my about page lol.

  13. wow, tons of collection you have there
    and I saw some ecchi trading figure, ffufufufu, nakal.

    • So you spot it hahahhaha >w<.

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