Shin Ryuubi Gundam part 2

August 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 24 Comments
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My brother just bought an expensive  spray can to give a certain effect on his cellphone case. I “borrow” that to paint this guy 🙂

preparation before painting.

I paint them white first before use a certain “spray can”as you see I hold those armor parts bare handed.

Let’s turn off the lamp first to see the effect 😀 .

got it ?

The gray primer didn’t really work 😦 so repaint it white.

white(as primer) -> ‘glowy white’ -> clear , not really smooth paint-job…

I paint too thin for the left side of the V horn (or whatever you called this part) 😦 .

if any of you asking what kind spray to do The ‘Glow in the Dark‘ effect This was the spray i use(it’s written ‘Glowy white’ there).

Let’s try on another kit HG OO this time 🙂

In my Opinion this spray Great for paint GN Drive like on OO gundam or any other OO model kits to give a very good effect on their ‘GN Drive’,since I don’t like put in led for model kits and after all this Shin Ryuubi Gundam just a test lol the result is pretty good 😉 .

By the way I going to hiatus a while maybe 1-2 weeks, I apologize since maybe can’t reply comments for the time being, thank you for everything and  see you soon…

if any of you missed the “Horse” with not so good paint result 😦 you can read here .



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  1. u go where?

    • Haven’t go anywhere yet lol just will leave from my hometown to start campus life to other place(Still days before that hahaha)……..means goodbye my NEET life……………and won’t travel so long just few hours hahahahahaha but i need do preparation and take rest a while from computer hihihihihi…….and the most important those just an excuse for my hiatus 😛 due to my laziness of blogging 😛 .

      • gd luck in campus life!

      • Thanks,but still weeks before that happen hahaha.

  2. Nice glow effect!

    • Still not think the spray can’s price tag worth lol it cost IDR 180.000 (google finance) although I am not the one who bought it lol.

  3. Ohhh… Glow in the dark spray, eh? Nice.
    Your hands, painted. It show signs of… Dedication (for hobbies XD).

    Ja mata.

    • Thanks, not really dedicated since I gave up modeling already.

  4. wah .. very nice~

    glow in the dark gn-drive!! XD

    • wish can make the ‘GN drive’ spin like PG OO Raiser..

  5. omg how nnice~~~~~ that spray is pretty useful~

    ja bro, back to study 😀 see you soon

    • Thanks,and see you……

  6. See you soon ^^

    • See you…

  7. I was wondering at first what with the green colored photo. Then I saw the grow-in-the-dark thingy. 🙂 The painted effect looks kinda cool.

    Btw, where is your campus? In Indonesia too?

    • Thanks, the first image is to lure people to click the ‘read more’ :D, nope not in indonesia already plan to study overseas since last year somewhere 😉 still days before go I just want take a rest from blogging a while.

  8. That was pretty cool spray that I’ve ever see. Hope can find it at Malaysia

    • thank you for visiting.
      if you can’t find this spray you can use glow powder and mix it with white/clear paint it will turn out better than this but you need airbrush for doing that.

  9. That is one hell of interesting paint…. how much your brother pay for it?

    • it cost IDR 180.000 (google finance) but somehow he got 50% off.

      • OK 180,000 rupiah that is about SGD 27 – minus 50% off, that means SGD 13.50 (about USD 10.00)

      • he got credit card campaign or something I guess, if you want cheaper one(and better glow effect) you can buy glow powder and mix it with white/clear paint but you will need an airbrush.

  10. glow in the dark.
    seen AeRoX in ACE as paint for motorcycle.
    so, your brother’s motorcycle also glow in the dark?

    • Nope, he use it for his BB case.

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