August 24, 2010 at 12:05 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 28 Comments

[10][J][Q][K][A] -> Royal Straight Flush

(I want DX kamen rider blade’s king Rouser ToT)

Back 😀

will do These kits for the next project,

with very limited tools 😦

at first the epoxy putty means to finish this guy :

but Unfortunately it lag  at home hahahaha.



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  1. So that’s a Royal Flush (never played cards before, sorry).

    FG kits + Chopstickman = Custom figure? =D

    Wow… Your tools is WAY better than what I have (cutter, cement and sanding strip only).

    • Royal Straight Flush(poker game version) and kamen rider Blade’s version.
      NO……… and I heard Wire better for making figures than chopstick.
      Seed 1/144 kits just for fun,I retire from gunpla remember ?
      those tools will be better if i have more paints,saw and drills set 😦

      • Wait… a KR ver… *falls*

        Oh… I see.

      • kamen rider have everything from Playing Card,cellphone and even USB stick 🙂 and the new one will have vending machine which can transform into Bike hahahaha.

  2. your tools are quite good compare to mine XD. I like the Force Impulse!. But what is the brown figure without head?

    • I just lack of paints,and that brown just self made figure.

  3. poor sakuya XD

    • hahahaha I did the same with the others nendoroid also.

  4. Welcome back? *LOL*
    I’m wondering what are you coming up with the woody guy.

  5. you wanna mod that FG impulse and chaos?

    • maybe, still have no idea about what kind of modding 😦 .

  6. No!!! don’t bully Sakuya!!!

    • How about miku 😛 .

  7. I thought you retired ? LOL

    From the photo I think u have more tools than me…

    I only have 1 cutter, 1 hobby knife and super glue LOL…

    • LOL yeah to remeber old days eh ? 😀 hard to resist cheap kits hahahha.
      but I don’t have any drills,saw and left all my paints hahahaha.

  8. Kinda overkill for a Royal Straight Flush for Sakuya, don’t cha think? 😀

    • yes hahahahaha, kabuto still can’t beat sakuya but I think blade’s category 10 card will be a perfect match 😛

  9. Blade should pick on someone his own size! 😀

    • Hahahaha >w< ….

  10. Woah, Chaos and Blast Impulse.. Nice addition..

    and lol for the last pic..

    • Since bandai never made HG or 1/100 of blast impulse so I buy the 1/144 version and chaos for modification purpose although I still don’t know what I can do with that.
      hahahaha… >w<

  11. Hahaha I wonder what card will sakuya be when blade seals her xD Queen of hearts? 😛

    • Hahahahaha the 54th card Lunarian Undead 😛 category ACE 🙂 .

  12. hope u will do a gd job on the blast impluse n chaos!

    • I doubt about that Since i lack of tools.

  13. wahahhaah, your nendo is so dead >.<

    • hahahahaha

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