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S.I.C Kamen Rider IXA

I am sure most of you will think the shoulders too Big hahaha.

All the contents.

The only complain/defect about this figure is on his right shoulder it’s a bit loose and can’t be attach very well 😦 .

My favorite weapon on his Rider 😀

you know what will happen -> Next <- 😛

I think they looks great together 🙂


It’s S.I.C  after all, I don’t care with articulation as long they looks great standing on shelf.

Size comparison with swiss army,design knife and tamiya spray can.

With HG OO gundam + O raiser and His victim hahaha.

Next one!



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  1. LOL poor sakuya… first blade, now Ixa xD

  2. hw much is it?

  3. IXA and Dark Kiva HNGGGHHH!!!!

    • ??????

      • its mean “hoshi desu!…”

  4. It looks …ok….. I don’t know, I don’t really like the KR designs from Kiva, that’s just me maybe. To me the IXA is like a copy of Kaixa.
    A retractable blade? Check. The blade that can shoot? Check. And it uses a handphone to transform to rising form…
    Although I have to wonder, how did IXA contain such a HUGE mobile phone on his facemask? LOL.

    • I Like that BAT looking kamen rider idea and Knight design for IXA.hahahaha well it’s SIC I don’t really care if they make it weird since kuuga looks great as monster (the old version) IMO rising ixa is copy of Faiz and kabuto for me hahaha

  5. Argh why does Sakuya always get trampled on lol!!! Your figures have very violent nendo stepping tendencies….sobz….

    • Don’t know LOL, That Dark kiva scene will be in next review 😛 .

  6. seems the face-burst (or whatever the name is) looks better

    • But I still prefer the save mode 😀 .

  7. Oh dear… poor Sakuya. Bullying a girl isn’t right. 🙂

    • >w<

  8. This IXA is from which Kamen Rider series ?

    • From KiVa series

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