S.I.C Hero Saga Faiz : Lost world

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official Prologue for Faiz’s movie Paradise lost

S.I.C hero saga Faiz : Lost World

Just the summary still can’t find the full text not yet 😦

Takumi and Keitarou are having a stroll when they find a girl crying in a playground. Her name is Mami, and she says her mother turned into a monster and attacked her.

Takumi brings her home and finds that her mother, and all the people in the block, are Orphenochs. He escapes with her.

Meanwhile, a bouquet of blue roses is delivered to Mari. Kusaka sees it and is enraged that anyone would dare send such a thing to his beloved mother-wife-figure-lover-thing and storms off with it.

Keitaro gets a phone call from Mihara, warning about the blue roses; Anyone who touches them either turns to ash or into Orphenochs. All the other Ryuusei-juku members turned to ash except for him and Kimura Saya, who turned into an Orphenoch.

A bunch of Riotroopers show up and start attacking people. Kusaka defeats them on his own.

Mihara/Delta meets up with Kusaka and Mari, and one more Riotrooper shows up. It seems to be different from the others (Riotrooper ver. 2), and is equipped with the Faiz Blaster. Kaixa and Delta fight it and its helmet is damaged and reveals that inside is the Rose Orphenoch. Kusaka thinking that it was Mihara who sent Mari the roses.

Anyway. Kaixa and Delta can’t stand up to the Riotrooper v2 and run away with Mari. But then Kusaka grabs Mihara and tosses him back at Murakami, saying that he deserves it for daring to send roses to his beloved you know the rest.

Mihara screams that it’s a misunderstanding, and for Kusaka to help him, but Kusaka just sneers and a blue petal lands on his outstretched hand, turning him to ash.

Takumi arrives on the scene and runs into Murakami, now in Rose Orphenoch form as the Riotrooper v2 was damaged too bad.

Murakami uses Delta’s mission memory to power up a Faiz Edge he had and they fight a bit. Mari then shows up and tosses Takumi the Faiz Blaster. Murakami curses her; He was hanging around the area because he was looking for it.

Takumi transforms into Faiz Blaster, cuts off Murakami’s head, and goes home.

Back home, he asks Keitaro what happened to Mami, he’d left her with him before heading off to look for Mari and Kusaka.

Keitaro points to a small human-shaped pile of ash. She was an Orphenoch too. Kusaka did it.

Takumi rages.

Meanwhile, Murakami’s head is rolling about when an Orphenoch (the Lion Orphenoch) picks it up. Murakami asks him to bring him back to the Smart Brain headquarters, and to recover Delta’s belt at the same time; They’ll be using it to make the “Emperor’s Belts”. The Lion Orphenoch, seemingly a foreigner, speaking in broken Japanese, says that he’ll do so on the condition that he gets one of the belts; Murakami promises Leo the belt of the sky.

To be continue Open your eyes for the next Faiz  : Paradise Lost.

conclusion :

1. Kaixa the @sshole kill delta/mihara

2.Murakami turn into head

and all curiosity from the movie concluded lol

Credit for SIC hero saga story @ kafegaul forum ,ModXToy(Via FCTI) for the Scan and of course it’s original source.



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  1. Oooh, so that’s why he was only a head in the movie. =O

    Even in the movie and this prologue, Kusaka is a huge jerk… poor Mihara. =(

    • yup Kusaka hate him more and more hahaha

  2. You are really a serious SIC fan huh. They all look like Dr.Baxter to me man (because of the eyes)… *LOL*

    • I just looking for Kamen Rider Side story hahaha since this one is to cover some mysteries in a kamen rider movie.

  3. That’s why Delta, Mihara wasn’t in the movie…. And the Rio Trooper Ver 2.0 was that strong? Pity it didn’t appear in the movie as well….
    Kusaka an asshole just like always..

    • As I see the differences between riotropper and ver 2.0 just the sword, it just explain as prototype and the moving the research for those “emperor belts”!
      that’s why kusaka died in every version hahahaha.

  4. I always wonder why Delta is not in the movie and now I know why,but the blue roses of death …………

    I wonder how was big orphenos monster was made the one that killed Orga,was it made of did someone henshin to that.

    But the funny part is the rose orphenos still can live even thought he got beheaded…….. but still died in the end.

    • Hi long time no see 😀 .
      Now you know 😉 that big orphenoch will be another mystery 😦 .

      • Yeah,but I hope they would have one like this for Kabuto movie and a ending for Ryuki -_-

      • busy with School ??
        Movies just for fun 🙂 and exclusive kamen rider for exclusive toys, yeah kamen rider just toys oriented these days. there are 2 hero saga side story for Ryuuki if you interested ? as for kabuto currently kiva hero saga arc just ended and now they going to decade I am pretty sure Kabuto will be the next one 😀 .

      • Not really mainly just visiting but never comment,but I guess the 2 Ryuki saga will end as a cliff hanger like the others.
        Kiva movie did have some link compare to Kabuto.

  5. Damn even though i don’t watch that many kamen rider those are really sweet photos for a story book!

    • a bit hard to get that book now 😦 .

      • But if got kamen rider step on nendo I won’t buy the book lol even if its hard to get!!! 😛

      • So i made you hate Kamen rider hahahaha.

  6. @Keionfan ah i see thanks for coming, Ryuuki just 2 another alternate confusing story similar with the movie mainly just for show some survive form of another Kamen rider. here read them if you interested Story 1 and story 2 .

    KIva arc is telling about kiva-la come replacing masao kurenai and megumi aso transform as kamen rider kivala hahahaha(alternate ending lol).

    • Thanks for the story.
      For story 1 Ouja owns everyone but …….. Ryuga appear and just own him ….. while in the movie Ryuki defeat Ryuga,but Ouja look cool,still have same ending as the series.
      For story 2 man Ryuga survivor look cool wonder will they release that and Odin but …. another normal Ryuki ending ……

      …….. the whole story is about kivala …… a bit ~_~

      • there is SIC limited ryuga survive hahahha no odin survive yet just SIC custom.
        I just like Hero saga design since I can see many concept for design like leangle jack form,garren king form,etc don’t really care with those side stories.

    • Hmm limited again XD
      ……. Leangle jack form look dam bulky like he fuse with the elephant undead and from picture from google show like he was trashing Garren jack form -_-,but Garren king look cool.

  7. @Keionfan The Hero saga pictures official but Bandai haven’t released it yet it’s fanmade but bandai show the offcial one at tamashii nation 2008 but it never released.

    when the picture released some of fan make by their own

    SIC custom Cyclone Joker Gold extreeme By kenosyokutaku
    even this one already get SIC custom haha kamen rider OOO also have SIC custom already

    garren tamashi 2008
    source gamu-toys

    • Dam those fan really know how to custom thing -_- to that extend somemore.

      • But dam their SIC Hyper Gatack look way better then the one in the show.

  8. @keionfan I should make another post for discussing those SIC custom >w<. and yes Hyper gattack looks great at that SIC custom even better than normal SIC gattack that somehow looks too skinny.

    • Well skinny to me is a good thing for Hyper Gatack since in the show the chest armor look very huge with the gatack caliber at his shoulder is small -_-

      • Seems that you are fan of Gattack like myself 😀 ,
        don’t know why I like gattack more than kabuto.

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