1/144 Blast Impulse part 1

September 9, 2010 at 6:30 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 20 Comments
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Another cheap kit on progress lol.

but I wonder why Bandai never make HG or 1/100 version of this guy 😦 I like Big gun.

a lot of seamlines 😦

all you need is cement and sandpaper.

try removing the seamlines 😦

wish have Red paint………….  ToT.



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  1. The green looks fine to me ^^ Why red?? And good job on the seamlines!

    • To paint the cannon of course,and thanks.

  2. Amazing job on the seem lines for the legs, looks very smooth.

    • Thank you.

  3. Blast Impulse 😀 really like this one…too bad no MG for him..

    • maybe there will be one soon or later.

  4. Wow, old kits always have a crazy seamline…good for practicing but frustrating when it’s just too much..
    but you did a great job on removing them 😀

    • Thank you for visiting.
      Yeah I use this old kit for practice purpose 😉

  5. You said;

    “but I wonder why Bandai never make HG or 1/100 version of this guy”

    The same question I would like to ask Bandai – why they never make the 1/144 HG and GFFN for Launcher Strike Gundam and Sword Strike Gundam eh…. (they did made GFFN Strike Rouge with Launcher and Sword Striker Pack but they make it as fucking “Limited Release” for Japan only – fuck Bandai LOL)

    • hahaha yeah 😦 I got more than enough for that “fuck you bandai” , by the way you can attach Sword and launcher from the 1/144 version to HG but need a bit modification..

  6. nice done

    • Thank you

  7. Woah… I haven’t seen one of these in forever!

    Props to you for actually putting in the effort to detail it :D. I would’ve just left it blank.. ^^;.

    • I don’t think someone would build this kind of kit these days hahahahaha and thanks

  8. Eh… when you said seamlines, which seamlines are you actually referring to? *Gunpla Nub is commenting*

    • when you attach 2 parts of plastic there will be a line mark right.

      seam line

      see ??

  9. Fgs are on your lines?
    well, I don’t really like them, but one of my fellow bloggers could make them so perfectly fine.

    • Not really,I want do practice once again(you know what “they” said right start from the bottom lol),I practice painting and detailing using SDs kits and practice modification using this kind of kits see my old kyrios for example,this one and chaos is another practice subject.By the way can you tell me who can make great FGs kits ?? I want to learn from him.

  10. could you still fit the backpack on a 1/144 HG Force Impulse tho

    • No without mod, they have different connector

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