1/144 Chaos Part 2

September 18, 2010 at 5:28 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 20 Comments
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Sure most of Readers already realized that I try to make him looks a bit like Moebius Zero.

Still a lot of things to do.

and by the way

Picture before modification.



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  1. Cool. You’re planning to make the socket for the neck as another cannon or… seal it up?

    • Still thinking about it,I want it have hidden claw(like Arios or Kyrios’ shield) but if i can’t found any stuff for making one i will use it for cannon.

  2. Looks interesting… you gonna paint it to match moebius’ colors? 😀

    • thank you and for color will try another scheme,I am not making moebius zero just inspired by it(and i get enough orange in my collection you know Kyrios,Arios).

  3. I think MA mode is better than his MS.

  4. You could graft a pair of claws from an NG Raider Gundam or something.

    • orz I left that kit at home.

  5. OMG it is nice………

    • Thank you.

  6. It looks great! But, how did the airplane transform into gundam?

    • It can’t transform anymore hahahaha basically it transforming Gundam into aircraft,I just cut the gundam and Glued them again into Aircraft.

      • Aww… thought I had a chance to see the transformation. Ok, next time you make motion-stop for us huh. 🙂

      • >w< fwah Stop Motion wish can make one.

  7. Turning out to be very nice! Looking more like an aircraft instead of his Monstrous MA mode. I have to say I prefer the aircraft look.^^

    • thank you,hahaha you like this more than the original lol.

  8. now it need more gunbarrels..add firepower!

    • hahaha no more gunbarrel 😦

  9. Love the gunpod sofar, and Keep It green, actaully this project reminds me of chaos protoype

    • Thank you,it will still green for now hahah since i don’t have any paint except white enamel and Green marker lol,and you are the only one said about chaos prototype the others always talking about moebius zero :).

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