1/44 Chaos Part 3

September 23, 2010 at 9:27 am | Posted in Gundam Series, Gunpla | 22 Comments
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Try making weapon.

I am not in rush build this kit since I want to make this looks good.

Lots of Spare Parts lol

Gonna add weaponry here yeah should be right here.

by the way if any of reader(s) curious why I build 1/144 or FG kits lately, I want to practice “extreme” modification a bit.I can learn painting and detailing  using SDs kit, but for modification better I start from the bottom,I  do nothing with HG last time (see my Throne zwei >w<).



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  1. so, what kind of “extreme” mod? curious to see.. hehehe. words extreme is reminding me of extreme gundam carnage phase.. orz

    • This one and that Kyrios already extreme for me hahahaha >w< since i need to Glue and cut some part and hours for sanding.

  2. Looks good man keep it up!! If not enough time I am sure Sakuya can do some time stopping 😛

    • Thanks,wish can really stopping time hahahaha

  3. that’s quite some spare parts.use them all! XD

    • wish can use them all >w<.

  4. yep, rush won’t get it better.
    take your time and create a whole masterpiece

    • yeah,I am busy with school also,by the way I don’t think this will turn into masterpiece this one juts for practice hahahaha.

  5. bro, find a long enough cannon and mount it on the bottom. This will look badass ^^

  6. looking good there! ^^ interested to see wad you have in mind for the final product.. =D btw, i’ve added you to my blogroll.. cheers! =)

    • Thank you for visitng.
      Will add you in return 🙂

  7. taking your time is good as well as practicing with cheaper kits, i always rush and encounter many troubles lol ^^;;

    nice weap placement, and i like the idea heathorn suggested. having spare parts is always handy, keep it up!

    • I encounter so many trouble when modding HG already but for cheap kit nothing wrong happen lol,and Hope these spare parts will be useful in the future.

  8. Amazing effort for a FG 1/144 kit from Seed era… why don’t you make a “penis” that can be used as weapon as well…. with your great skills, I’m sure you can be the first to create a penis for Gundam… LOL

    • *LOL* >w< "penis" for gundam hahahaha but this one is aircraft 🙂

  9. Wow! Those leftover parts are plenty! Can be used for future projects!

    • Hopefully 😀

  10. You gonna give it manipulator arms, cause Im getting some Outlaw star vibe on this guy

    • The main Problem is I don’t have the resources 😦 to making something like that.

  11. So many leftover? Show us how you put them into good use 🙂

    • will try to make use all of them hahaha >w<.

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