Chopstick Gun

September 26, 2010 at 6:51 am | Posted in scratch build, Traditional Toys | 31 Comments

2 pair of chopsticks and 2 rubbers (one for spare in this case).

I saw “mainan yg dijual abang-abang” sell something like this when i was in elementary school (looks really good of course since it have Grip and many variation(Machine gun,crossbow,bow,etc) and of course very save since they Put on Sponge on top of the “Bullets”.

Cut them Like this 🙂

and attach them like this.

For the front Tie the rubber like this

The bullet,this just the simple example (it’s better if you attach Sponge on top of it for security)

This how it will looks.

and this how it supposed to be working.

(attention : Never aim at living object)



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  1. woah! brings back old memories! wood guns! i tried making one before this (quite some time ago) but only shoots rubber bands (at least it pwned some house lizards XD)

    • hahaha I also remember that one :).

  2. That looks dangerous (in the wrong hands). >.<

    • Unfortunately Yes…………..

  3. I remembered doing a Mini-Gun version of this…Failed misserably, but Hey, It looked cool^^;;

    • as long looks good 😀 .

  4. Something like a catapult? Looks like those from the old days, which is even before I was born!

    • err.. not that old i think ^^;; i went catapulting some birds during early ages XD and surprisingly i failed (i know my aiming are somehow flawed?)

    • yes it’s catapult,but not that old also hahahaha

  5. HAHAHA I RMB THIS!!! I didn’t use chopsticks but I use the pencil lead containers instead ^^ similar method 😛

    • Yup 😀 glad you remember.

  6. Walan eh…. you are a talented pervert… I wonder if you will use this to scared those university girls and force them to have sex with you – and if they don’t comply, you will threatened them with this deadly gun…. wow… I can imagine the success that you will enjoy with this gun….hahahahahhaha….. good luck with it….

    • *LOL* David!!! >w< what on earth I will doing that…………….,I just make this for remember my childhood days hahhahaha.

  7. that is really clever and dangerous lol looks very powerful!

    haha when i saw the last pic i thought you were using the box cutter a a bayonet XD yahhhh!

    • hahahaha I the box cutter used to hold it >w<.

  8. Ah, this traditional kid’s weapon surely brings back old memories… nice post Aya!

    • Glad you like it 😀 I saw unused chopstick and suddenly remember this one.

  9. two thumbs up!!

    i remember when i was a kid and shot it to my sister..
    she cries for almost an hour..

    • Glad you like it 🙂 , poor her >w<.

  10. haha, nice weapon XD
    As I was a child we didn’t have such cool ingenious things in my country.

    • Thank you,I can’t find this kind of stuff anymore these days 😦 factory Toys already own almost all of traditional toys.

  11. I think I remember seeing this a long time ago 😀

    oh yeah, by the way, congratz with your winning in Shewsburry ^^

    • Glad you remember this one 😀 I post this to bring back old memories wonder how many readers remember this one,and Thank you.

  12. You’ve pretty interesting stuff here. I want to see the finishing (i.e. the painted gun) 🙂

    • hmmm I never planning to paint this one,and unfotunately softz I don’t have proper paint tools here with me and don’t know where to buy here >w<.

  13. if it hits, it will be… ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    • Thank you for visiting.
      hahahaha ^^;;;;;;;

  14. LOL, back then I called this bedil bedilan. Usually sold in front of my school gate.

    • Glad you still remember this ‘bedil bedilan’ I don’t know what I should named this one so I just posted it as chopstick gun hahahahahaa.

  15. What the…
    Wow, my childhood’s been missing out. I mean, if my friends and I had access to this kind of technology back in the day, we would’ve innovated to no end! Like implanting the butt-end of a boxcutter blade into the bullet!
    On second thought, I’m glad to have missed out.

    • I am glad you didn’t know about this >w<……..

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