Clone Walker Battle Pack

September 30, 2010 at 8:11 pm | Posted in LEGO, Star Wars | 16 Comments
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LEGO Star Wars Clone Walker Battle pack.

I never really play with LEGO before as I remember,I just have small LEGO’s racing car from my childhood.

except you mean with their bionicle series I have 5-7 of them, they almost replace my SD gundam collection at that time hahahahahaha.

what I like from LEGO stuff is their minifigures 🙂 in this case i want these Clone Troopers set.

from left to Right

1.Clone Gunner

2.Clone Commander

3. Clone Trooper x2

The walker(?) and Let’s skip how to assemble it since it’s very easy.

The back.

The mini army.


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  1. Ahh… Legoes… How I missed those… Too bad nowadays it’ll cost more that a HGUC kit (price-to-materials given in a box).

    Cool, four figures from one (small) box. Planning to get a droid army set? =D

    • I already own Droid ,rebel and Snowtrooper,Just looking for Stormtrooper for now.
      really they sell that expensive more than HGUC!!

  2. Flick missiles are annoying though, still, Im sad Bionicle was killed off*Biggest part of my childhood*

    onore lego

    • never able to shot that flick missiles from all my LEGO 😦 ,yeah i remember those Bionicle :D.

  3. old memories recalled 😀 dont really have a specific lego, all i could remember is a huge lego set that builds up into a mosque (in which my brother and I never been able to made it)

    do want a bionicle, been craving for them for some time, but sometimes i just demand more challenges (gunpla!) and yeah like Bd77 said, the price-to-material…rather get a HG kit or 3 SDs for a Bionicle XD
    same goes to transformer, i would like to get a Movie Optimus or Cybertron Optimus…just that everything gunpla seems to overcome them ^^;;;;;;

    • wow that must be big 8-O.hahahahaha yeah no one can resist gundam kits 😀

  4. I love lego! Me and my younger brother will spend inordinate amounts of time building stuff with our lego…..i used to have a box of them now argh…wish I can get those back from my cousins!!

    Maybe I should start collecting lego again now that my son is popping out lol…

    • hahaha teach your kid build Gundam with those LEGO 😀 and again Congratulation 😀

  5. abit of curious wat camera u use?

  6. Is this ready to play out of the box? or do u still need to build them?

    • You still need to build them but it was very easy.

  7. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! lol lego storm troopers look cool.

    i never played with legos that much as a kid but recently im tempted to buy a big bucket to play with and use with my nendos ^_^

    • ah good idea 😀

  8. Still in UK, managed to get internet connection for a while. Done emailing and checking stuff… and I thought I’ll drop by your blog. Lego… hmmm… I’ve always like lego despite their prices. Lego starwars are indeed very cool. Btw, I played Lego Starwars on XBox 360 too.

    • Glad you still can Get internet connection 😀 ,I tried that Lego Starwars game once 😀 quite nice but I am not fond RPG game.

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