Iron Man Mark V

October 5, 2010 at 6:51 am | Posted in Marvel | 25 Comments
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Iron Man Mark V (6 inch version).

The only Iron man suit attract me to watch the movie 🙂

some Interchangeable Palms and a Case.

Pretty detailed

I think this video enough to explain more :D.

Just In case the video doesn’t work

I just wonder if this Mark V can fly ??

The detail is pretty good :D.

Arms articulation.

The legs are really sucks,it can’t stand like what, I want especially in kneeling pose 😦

This guy is a bit skinny compared with the other Iron man suit abut overall this figure is great.


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  1. The articulation for the arms are amazing but like you said… the legs… My God… orz

    I think is more of a porta-suit version of the actual one so many functions are trim down (it can it INTO a suitcase~!).

    • Maybe The upcoming version can really transform into Suitcase replica 🙂

  2. haha i had just recently watched Iron man 2 and had to say the Mk V part is pretty nice ^^ seems the articulation is pretty good except for the hip

    i dig the laser beam blade of Mk IV, kinda feel like making a gunpla conversion. (gonna resist this XD)

    • yeah pretty nice :D,Actually I Bought him to do battle damaged version but abandon that idea.

  3. Arms are amazing, but the legs…. They even give you a briefcase huh. Would be better if they had given you some laser effects haha!

    • The smaller version got laser effect hahahaha

  4. Haha well I can never imagine packing that suit in a suitcase (pun intended :P)

    I love that debut scene for this suit! For such a small figure it is fairly detailed!

    • Hahahaha yeah love the debut scene and,this guy isn’t that small since this one is 6 Inch version.

  5. The 6 inch Iron Man toys are pretty rare right? They can match well with Figuarts too.

    • Really ? I thought only war machine rare

  6. You bought this in Canada? How much the price? I think the details is quite decent… articulation on the legs is not great but I guess this figure is much cheaper than SH Figuarts….

    • hahaha so you can spot the canadian mark there(english/french text),Half S.H Figuarts Price (if the SHF cost 2500 yen of course).

  7. he looks really cool, nice details. i remember watching that scene in the trailer and being very impressed. he got pretty beat up in it though lol

    does the bottom of his feet have boosters? if it does i think he can fly in that suit too but not do any crazy maneuvers.

    • I had plan for battle damaged at first hahahaha,and yes I see little boosters there 😀

  8. reminds me that I wanted to watch the movie, even if I heard that it is not as good as the first one.

    • Well it’s really not as good as the first one, but it’s worth watching if you like special effect 🙂

  9. this suit design looks really cool and modern. And you only need to carry a briefcase to henshin into a superhero 😀

    • Yeah 🙂 Tony stark turn into kamen rider hahahaha

      • even ivan can do nothing but stare when stark puts on this suit, it’s too cool, hahahha

  10. for the detail-wise, i think you should adding some lining on it 🙂

    • a good idea 😀 thank you bro.

  11. Lining on an action figure? Bold, but I can actually totally see that. It seems this one was made for that very purpose.
    Enticing enough to watch the movie for, yes, but it’s screen time was much too short.

    • Thank you for visiting.
      some gachapaon especially mecha looks better when you put lining on it why not this with one and hasbro toys are sucks especially their paintjob,I miss toyBiz a lot 😦 .
      yeah very short film……

  12. I totally agree that the ironman’s suit in the movie looks awesome. However, this ain’t bad too 🙂

    • Hahaha Thank you softz :).

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