Short Break

October 12, 2010 at 4:04 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 28 Comments

Just simple words : See you in 2-3 weeks(or months >w<).

Reason : a bit bored,lazy,and busy



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  1. What does the running penguin mean ?

    • For me it’s mean run from the internet,means get real life hahahhaha >w<……

      • O lol.

      • Real life is away from the internet? What in the world do you mean?

        Hopefully not months. Good luck with whatever’s up.

      • Just kidding hahaha i need internet lol,and thank you.

    • Yeah, you should enjoy life more often, go out and have lots of sex, life is meaningless without sex… LOL… you received your Fang Joker yet ?

      • *LOL*David!!!! I get exam next week and a bit dizzy for whole weekend gonna take a rest a while,as for Fang Joker Not yet David will tell you when it arrive.

  2. Have a nice boat… I mean break. =D

    • Thank you :D.

      • yeah, have a nice break then… see you later 🙂

      • Thank you,See you bro.

  3. k then see you in 2-3 weeks then

    • Thank you,see you.

  4. oh see you then

    uggu…cant resist from doing this..

    possibly related post “Yup, I’m in love”

    AHAHHAHAHAHHAHHA what a coincidence XDD

    • Thanks..

  5. Take a nice break then. See you again!

    • See you Marzz :D.

  6. breaks are good, take it easy ^^

    • Thank you 😀

  7. Have good rest and hope you will be back soon! Our blogs need you to put comments! 😀

    • Thank you B-mecha 😀

  8. take a break, and yeah, keep commenting if you have time 😀

    oh about my last post, don’t worry I’m not hating bootleg, just don’t want to collect them. and I think I’m gonna break my word ;p I need Strike Freedom MG even though I’ve said not gonna buy kit which is bottlegged.

    • I think I never talking about your bootlegs kits.

      as for last time I apologize I am bit too hasty said that to you,since I feel cornered by “them” last time when tried to stop “them” bashing those newbie,and I am sure mention before I don’t like bootlegs gundam But I don’t care with people who build them I just feel sick seeing them bash each other.

    • lolz, I think I need to clarify things, I’ll send an email for you. Don’t worry, I’m not angry or anything at all ^^

  9. Alright. Enjoy yourself, rest well and play hard.

    • Thank you softz 😀 Hope you enjoy your “vacation” also 😀

  10. Comeback comeback – *Chants*

    • Hahahahaha

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