Trick Or Treat

October 29, 2010 at 11:22 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | 23 Comments

Not Yet Halloween but throw candies here 😀



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  1. finally a post!!!! lol i throw kamen rider n gundam candies

    • Yes hahaha 😀

  2. Hohoho… This. Makes me wanted to do a… hehehe.

    Happy Hallows eve, dude. Don’t eat too much candies, may lead to diabetes and tooth decay. =D

    *throws some titanium nendo-puchis into the Jack’O Lantern*

    • To do what ? another story for Halloween ?

      • Of course. *teeth gleaming*

  3. THIS! HELL YES! Happy halloween 😀 or was it pre-halloween? XD

    that Jackie-o-lantern looks sharp evil!

    • hahaha thank you 🙂

  4. Does your place have people dressing up and knocking on door ?

    • Not in my country but,we have it in the place I live now.

  5. welcome back brooo!

    happy haloween.. so, how many candy did you get by now?

    • Thank you,hahha not in the age for receiving candies anymore hahha

  6. Haha happy halloween 🙂

    have you cut the pumpkin yourself ?

    All HaiL to the candies!
    nevertheless don’t eat too much of them at once

    • Unfortunately no >w< ,and too old for candies now…

  7. Wanna Chewing Gum instead candy bars XD

    • hahaha prefer chocolate 🙂

  8. happy halloween, sweet jack o lantern ^^ i only craved a pumkin once and that was many years ago.

    • Happy halloween rockleelotus 😀

  9. Jack o Lantern will not scare anyone…I think we should change the Halloween mascot…let’s say Pocong for a change LoL

    • Hahahahaha True Pocong should change jack o lantern 🙂

    • Well, they really had a Malay style halloween here in Sentosa. Pocong, kuntilanak, etc 😀

      • hahahaha can you show the pictures Heat 😀

        • I didn’t go there. Last year it’s also the same theme.

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