Halo minifigure Series 1

November 3, 2010 at 12:07 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading Figures/Candy Toy/Ichiban kuji, HALO | 25 Comments
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Halo Minifigure series one from Halo series.

Look what I got a green Spartan II.

The Blue Hayabusa Spartan  looks pretty good.

A sparan II,an Energy Sword and a Black block(I am pretty sure this one mean for display stand).

His back.

It’s pretty articulated for a small figure.

Comparison with Lego Snow trooper mini figure.

Even Master Chief,won’t survive from this battle 😛



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  1. is it like a minimates or something?

    • yeah very similar with minimates 😀

  2. Ehh, that box only for one figure only?

    I also an Ironman Drone minifigure, use: for target practice. XD

    • Yes only one each pack,they do have the box version with vehicles or 6 in one box minifigures.
      hahaha what target ? 🙂

      • Send out drone, do combat, then shoot it down.

        Result: Grunts (the ones I have) has an accuracy of 3:1 in shooting them down.

  3. Haha nice collection of lego at the second last picture. Seems pretty articulated for such a small figure. Not bad man!

    • I still prefer Lego after all,this one kinda disappointing.
      For Halo figure I still prefer that McFarlane’s products.

  4. aww..that’s cute..kinda

    • not for me.

  5. Hmm…. Pretty nice for such a small figurine.

    • haha indeed but not really tempting for me to collect them..

  6. hah looks cute

    • Really ? i don’t see him cute 🙂

  7. The Halo miniatures have something similar to lego? The hands look like lego hands too and the legs are easily connected to lego… (seems like to me).

    • Maybe because he can be attached with lego’s accessories.

  8. pretty cool, tiny master chief doesnt look so intimidating.. especially in the 7th pic lol nice articulation though.

    • hahaha thank you.

  9. This seem like a chess piece to me XD

    • So who will be the king 🙂

      • No idea since i only play Halo once in my life ~_~

  10. mmmm, these short guys are not bad at all…. looks cute when u have so many of them…

    • The Minifigures army hahaha

  11. I never thought that a HALO soldier could look so cute like that LoL

    • Hahahha I still think that Lego’s mini figures are cuter.

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