Halo : Reach Noble Six

November 8, 2010 at 12:05 am | Posted in HALO | 23 Comments
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McFarlane’s Halo : Reach.

Not really interested with the game, but I do like HALO’s Spartans design 🙂

so many holes on his body : his back,arms,legs and stomach.

His back.

The weapons included : a riffle and a Frag grenade.

How he carry the all weapons.

The hands are a bit too small it can’t attach very well to the riffle >w<.

Can’t grab a grenade on his palm also.

Comparison with Hasbro’s 6 inch iron man and WFC Fang Joker(thank you David and all Shewsbury land’s resident).



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  1. He badassed, even more so if you do a close up of him in a combat-stance, pointing the gun at the viewer.

    Those holes seems to me is for putting on additional weapons or upgrades.

    • IMO the rifle a bit to thin that’s why i didn’t take that kind of picture.
      for that holes,I have another figure in this line,they have exact the same body just adding armor parts to that holes.

  2. The rifle looks good! And…. We didn’t exactly vote in the competition lol. It was DJ and his group of judges.

    • It will great if he can grab the weapon properly and make the riffle a bit thicker 😦 ,well it cost half of most S.H Figuarts Price after all.

      and I know it Marzz,I mean all of Shewsbury land’s residents who vote for me hahaha 😀 (gonna edit that part to avoiding another misunderstanding).

    • yeah, the riffle is good! looks powerful too..

  3. the weathering looks great 😀

    • Wish can do the same with my Model kit hahaha

  4. If he is 6 does that mean there are more variation of it ? or is it just a number.

  5. For that price, I think this figure is not bad at all… we cant expect everything to be like Figma and SHF….

    • of course hahaha,but the paint-job is much better than that Hasbro’s Iron man.

      by the way Play-Arts gonna released figures from this line,I am sure they will be much better,but I don’t like the size.

  6. This halo figure has the closest proportion to a real human I think 😀

    • I think so 🙂

  7. I see that you’re a big fan of HALO, I mean, seeing that you have two HALO figure post in a row, haha
    I once saw this real size of Spartan Helmet which is so cool, but I know it’s gonna be damn expensive…

    • hahaha Didn’t realized that >w<.
      😯 wow a real size spartan helmet…

  8. I also never played Halo haha but I do have interest in their lego versions 😛 I saw one set which includes master chief, other troopers and also the bad guys with a tank!

    • hahahaha I wonder if you will get them or not ?

  9. I play Halo b4 it is so dam freaking hard to play it but the figurine looks very detail

    • Pretty difficult yeah >w<.

  10. i agree the spartan design is cool and i really like the paint job, nice and battle worn 😀

    ive played Halo 1 and 2, the original is SUPER fun. the others might be more for multiplayer which im not into much, and i dont have newer console to try the others lol

    • I only played the PC version years ago, not really interested with gaming anymore right now.

  11. Aya, you look like a Halo fan. So did you get the latest edition of Halo on X360?

    • I don’t have Xbox360 hahaha and I already stop playing game since last year :D, I just like the character design softz :).

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