November 13, 2010 at 10:12 am | Posted in LEGO | 22 Comments

Lego Kingdoms Jester

at least a figure other than Knight or soldier.

only 22 pcs of parts hahaha

Pretty funny minifigure 😀

he have 2 faces : happy and sad, just need to rotate the head 180 degree.



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  1. Wow… That’s quite a few pieces…
    As for the faces, I was thinking that there’s two heads, until you’ve mention about rotating the head. XD

    Lego mini figures, gotta collect’em all. XD

    • very rare Lego’s Minifigure have 2 faces,so far i only have two with this feature.
      I just collect what I like 🙂

  2. clowns..they’re sad when they are smiling.

    large lego board spotted

    • Yup large Lego board hahaha

  3. LOL nais. I havent touched lego for a loooong time >.<

    • I just start touch them again this past 2 years,but mainly just their minifigures.

  4. I not really intrested in lego

  5. Lego…. Been ages since I have touched Lego….

    • I just start touhong them again this last 2 years although mainly I just collect their minifigures

  6. Its looks cool although has few pieces in a box 😀

    • Thank you dude

  7. It’s been a long time since I touch any Legos…I used to play with them a lot when i was a kid 😀

    • I am the opposite I barely touch Lego when I was kid.

  8. This lego seems to be fun… I saw in local shop here, they have a nice box with a diorama set with it… looks tempting….

    • Their minifigures are funny :D,
      diorama ? which one The Kingdoms or Pirate ?

  9. I remember playing lego when i was little,but the dumb part is always i wanted to make something but not enough parts -_-.

    • That always happen not only with Lego hahahahaha. the only Lego I had when i was kid were 2 cars,one racing and one gocar car.

  10. Uwah Lego, I used to collect them when I was younger,
    actually it’s good the main problem is the price.. it’s quite expensive..
    how much is the jester aya?

    • as i see the most expensive lego are from the licence one like Star Wars,Toy Story,etc they almost sell twice it’s original price in our local stores(similar with gundam kit eh ?)
      as for Lego’s Original like Kingdoms,Pirate,city I see they sell almost similar with it’s original price,jester is around 35-40k IDR.

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