T-800 (Stell Mill)

November 19, 2010 at 12:01 am | Posted in NECA | 20 Comments
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Sadness from Formula1 Result 😦

The only reason why I bought him is i feel so nostalgic with the movie :).

7″ tall.

I like the battle damaged detail so unreal………

The Handgun and Grenade launcher

Holes all over his Jacket

Obviously this Terminator is half statue,the legs can’t bent but it can rotate a bit.Typical figures from Neca.

I think this one is the real  pose from the movie.



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  1. I was hoping that it could move fully, but at least he can do (some of) his signature movie poses, like in your last picture.

    • exactly,i don’t mind even if he just a statue 😀

  2. nice details 😀 sadness from F1 lol

    • because Sebastian Vettel win 😦

  3. wow the blood looks realistic

    • I think so,compare with the normal version(not battle damaged) i think this one more accurate.

  4. I have this Terminator figures from Neca also, for SGD 40.00 the detail is brilliant but too bad the leg have poor articulation (or rather almost none)… but I still keep it coz Terminator 2 is still my most favorite Terminator movies of them all… I remember skipping lunch during school and save the money for T2 movie tickets….those were the days…

    By the way since you sad about the F1 result, I guess you are a fan of Ferrari also or maybe McLaren? nonetheless, I’m a fan of Ferrari – it’s red, so no surprise… I don’t like Alonso coz he is a big ass mother fucker but since he is in our team, I guess I have no choice but try to like him… too bad he miss the chances this time around… next year the champion shall be from Ferrari….

    • ah I just born when the movie out hahaha.

      nope I barely like a racing team Mostly I just support the driver,it’s mark webber hahahaha.I don’t like alonso also somehow i feel out from ferrari since kimi move to WRC (although i also follow WRC and like Felipe massa in the team). as for Mclaren well Mclaren former Driver’s mika was the one who lure me start watching F1 back then 🙂

      • Mika is gay, Massa is gay, Alonso is mother fucker… too bad Ferrari kick out Kimi R for that fucker Alonso while in fact at that time it’s their car who are not good enough… now with a slightly better car, Alonso still fail to get the result though I demanded that next year he better grab it for Ferrari… as for Massa, well, he is just like Harry Redknapp in English Football, can’t get much out of him… Forza Ferrari…

      • let’s just hope the best for next year 😀

  5. Ahh I remember watching this many years ago,now i forgotten the story

    • I can’t forget this movie 😀 He fill my childhood same Happen with Kamen rider Black,Jiban (lol) and Jetman hahahahaha

      • For black the only one i remember is the dub one …. the song masked rider ~~~masked rider -_-
        The only part i remember from jetman is diamond coming out of someone body -_-

      • I also watched the Dub one hahahahaha
        Awesome you can remember the detail…….

  6. “I’ll be back” Lovely Get, though I still havent seen the latest terminator movie

    • and “Hasta la vista baby” hahahahaha

  7. this is one of the nice one at 6″ from Neca.

    • Thank you for visiting LEon.
      yeah very nice especially the detail,so it’s 6″ ? it’s around 18 cm when i measure him.

  8. He is still young! ‘I’ll be back’
    hahahaha, Terminator 2 is when he fought the mercury guy?

    • Yap the mercury guy

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