Black Falcon

November 26, 2010 at 6:56 am | Posted in LEGO | 18 Comments

This post stay in my draft for a while >w<

Bricktober Week #4 : Black Falcon

Reissue of Retro Lego Brick from 1984.

The stand is magnetic,useless for me but i like those Bricktober words

all the contents.

Love the face,typical of old brick minifigure 😀

the sword not included of course borrow from 2010’s Lego Kingdoms.

Last Lego post for this year.



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  1. you have a lot of legos (I see it in four flickr photostream 😀 )
    if this one is magnetic, I think it will be a nice piece of decoration in a whiteboard 😀

    • I just have some :D,But my whiteboard at home is from aluminum base……the magnet won’t stick.

  2. Bricktober. Epic name. =D

    Truth be said, I prefer the classic ones more than the newer generation ones (there’s something special about the classic ones).

    • what do you mean their yellow skin ?

      • Their simplicity. =D

        ps. isn’t all Lego figures are in yellow?

      • the newer have brighter yellow.

  3. Hmm… So you are into lego too huh…. Me, nah.

    • Not my main collection but i do like Lego.
      mainly Lego replacing my gachapon collection in this last 1.5 years,Starts from a droid set yeah a droid set this set.

  4. Wow 1984…….. how did u get it?

    • It’s reissue version,this year promo.

  5. bricktober?

    • Lego’s Campaign every October hahaha

  6. Ah that brings back memories
    I have one Lego Knight with the same body
    its somewhere in a box on the attic 🙂

    • ah nice 😀 ,hmm what stuff i keep on the attic now…………I think old big robot stuff.

  7. Aya, do you collect most of the Lego series? Some of them look very nice I must admit.

    • Not all just some series that took my interest and it’s very hard get the old series 😦 ,the upcoming released that I might buy will be from pirates of Caribbean 😀
      and I don’t collect big castle or Ship they eat a lot of space.

  8. woah, a cool one!! where did you get him?? I actually want to get some of these re-issue series from Toywiz, but I’m not going to order one around these bussy Christmas and New Year period… kida risky 😦

    • got it from Toys R us Promo,and yeah kinda risky ordering during this period 😦

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