Cybertronian Optimus Prime

November 28, 2010 at 5:53 am | Posted in Transformers | 26 Comments
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Cybertronian Optimus Prime.

a lot of nub marks in this one 😦 ,I fell that Hasbro stuff lack of quality control  now…

Kneeling pose

his head a bit too small >w<


I need 30 minutes when transforming him for the first time >w<

Cybertronian Truck.

I really want do lining and Sand this guy…………………….



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  1. Nub marks, on a toy? WTF?!

    Overall, he looks like he could do more dynamic poses. =D

    • >w<,yes he can but if i pose him more he won't stand properly or maybe fall.

  2. haha 30min transform, was there no instructions? lining and sanding may help, he does have a fair amount of hidden details ^^

    • I always careful when transforming something for the first time,just need 3-5 minutes now 🙂 .

      I just do lining so far and sand the nub marks so far.

  3. nubs on toys..even RD got nubs also i think?

    yet, this OP is one of the design i sorta like, just that terrors of a figure refrain me from buying it ^^;;;

    • I Think,I should throw you link to some modeler who do something with Transformers toys.

      • YAYA? his OP is just awesome!

      • Yes he is one of them 😀

  4. Pretty cool truck design eliminating the typical blocky design of the truck

    • Alien Truck 🙂

  5. isit painted in red metallic

    • Not painted,I think that’s my camera’s flash effect.

  6. Hmm…. Hasbro is a US brand is it? Maybe you should leave it to the Japs….

  7. 30 min was a pretty long hennnnnnnnnnnshiiiiiiiiin 😛

    • hahaha I just need 3 minutes now 🙂

  8. It seem like a van instead of a truck.

    • LOL exactly

  9. The truck mode Optimus looks very futuristic..
    Try to repaint it if you have the chance 😀

    • Don’t have idea what kind color scheme to be use >w<

  10. I agree with H4mster. Repaint! Repaint! *Chants*

    • Honestly I don’t like painted stuff if I gonna play with it >w<,but still might paint him 🙂

  11. Nub marks seems to be normal nowadays – I spotted many on Bandai products as well like SH Figuarts and Robot Tamashii and several others… the factory in China is being pushed to the limit and thus this kind of things are unavoidable now…. sigh…. so you into Transformer now? You can later modified this Optimus into something else…

    • Maybe it’s time to start making toys by ourself now >_<,I can’t do that kind of modification >w< ,but I saw some modellers did crazy dealing that turn them like on the movies.

  12. I saw it on sales in singapore thanks to the Takara Metalic red version is coming very soon 😀

    • Both you comments Trapped in spam filter >w<,maybe because you linking yours into one of your blog's post.

      Yeah I want too see the takara's version 😀

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