Mobile Suit By Shunya Yamashita

December 12, 2010 at 2:59 am | Posted in illustration by various artist | 37 Comments

What do You think eh ??

I want Model kit like this 🙂 looks awesome for desert combat.

Source Shunya yamashita’s fc2 blog



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  1. I can’t put my finger on it, but those designs look very familiar…

    • thank you for visting Tom.
      exactly very familiar but I can’t name it >w<

  2. Looks hard to detail if it was a model kit… RX-78-2 looked like a chicken too. hahah

    • thank you for visting samejima,we met at flickr right 😀
      But looks those Mechanical detail LOL hahahaha

      • Yep I sent you an add contact first. 😀

        • yeas anyway Thank you 😀

  3. These designs look like sniper magnets. Just take out the pilot LOL

    • So True hahahaha

  4. i LOLed hard….and WTFed XDD

    • My first reaction,before blogged this one…..

  5. What has he done to the Zaku and Gundam heads LOL

    • Chicken Head 😛

  6. Woa..stone age gundam lol

    • Thank you visiting Exaz 😀
      Mobile Suit Since 2000 BC LOL

  7. looks kind of urgly

  8. If those are the MS in the anime we all know….
    Gundam will not be so successful now. 😀

    • and No model kit for them ………….

  9. LOLOL. very interesting design.. this design would actually work better than the anime counterparts, cos its smaller and easier to build. no beam sabers and rifles of cos. but i do agree that rx-78 looks abit like a chicken. XD

    • hahahaha I would like to see Char’s Zaku hahah or Zeong into this Design.

  10. Look a bit like tieren from OO.

    • when seeing those bulky body hahaha

  11. I think its an interesting design for a mecha that can help in construction works or in the busy port

    • a bit similar with some of patlabour’s Construction Mecha.

  12. This is my favorite version of RX-78 and Zaku 😀

    • I can’t say my favorite yet but kinda like something like this also 😀

  13. somehow feel RX-78 color scheme doesn’t match here

    • True I think,it will better if it’s brown,but it won’t turn into rx-78 parodies anymore hahaha

  14. It looks like the silhouette engine from Overman King Gainer. LOL

    • LOL I don’t think King gainer this Bulky.

  15. the two look ar bit like vehicles for farming
    but they also remind me of dino riders with the pilots on top

    • yeah new tractor design 😉

      hahaha since the pilot is on it 😀

  16. OMG Hydraulics and Piston pipes, now all it needs is more brass and chrome paintings…

    Btw Desert fights would kill these machines, so much exposed machinery could break the thing internally.

    • nice detail right 😉 and thanks for the info 😀

  17. even in this “UG-MO” version, ZakuII still looks better, heheh…

    • hehehe Zieg Zeon 🙂

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