What do you think about this ?

December 17, 2010 at 11:15 am | Posted in scratch build | 26 Comments

exam is over 🙂

can figure out what is this ?



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  1. Your trying to mold another nendo face ?

    • The Head too small to be called Nendo >_<,let's say make a Chibi Figures 😀 ,but in some point you got that right since i inspired with some Scratch Build “nendo puchi” videos from Nico Nico Douga mostly

      • Wow guess this is your biggest project ever.

        • well in term of scratch build yes.

  2. looks very good 😀 the shape is there and the necessary indents too! GO GO GO

    • hahahaha hopefully,my first experience doing this.

  3. I wat u making….. a person lol

    • well you can say yes hahaha

  4. Ohoho boy. This is getting interesting =D
    Can’t wait to see the sculpted face. =)

    • thank you,but unfortunately Wip won’t be posted.

  5. First thought that came to me – Nendo face! 😀

    • In a way yes >_<

  6. oh, looks interesting
    do you plan to build an Easter Island diorama 😀

    • lol but if I fail,I can turn this to those easter island’s famous face statue 😀

  7. WAH nendo puchi! so cool.. wonder which character are you making. ^^

    • Haven’t decide yet,will decide once i start the hardest part(the hair).

  8. Some molds for figure face or some sort of sculpt stuff?

    • Bingo DaVid John 😀

  9. i wonder what character’s face are you gonna go for. XD
    looking forward to the finished product soon..

    • Thank you for your visit 😀
      Will decide once i start the hair,won’t finished that soon..

  10. sculp a nendo puchi face? wow, that’s out of my liege (not one I normally see/do). looking forward to see the finish line.

    • you can say like that, and this Won’t finished that soon

  11. its a metal snake with big head! 😛

    haha this is cool, i always wanted to try sculpting but never got around to get the materials. how is it progressing so far?

    • Big headed metal Rattlesnake hahahaha,well currently still sand it.

  12. hmm.. i guess you are about to make sakuya 🙂

    • if only I can make complicated hair like braid,I will definitely make Hong meiling, I just finished the hair basic sculpt will post it soon.

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