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December 23, 2010 at 12:15 am | Posted in scratch build | 18 Comments

Note : Merry Christmas Guys 😀

Still need to fix the hair but this the best one I can do manually for now,I left my rotary tools at home >_<.

to test whether the hair sculpt is good or not is, if any of you can figure out who she/he is ?

So any idea who I trying to sculpt ?

edited : change my mind I re-sculpt the hair soon >_<

Note : Progress can be accessed here



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  1. Could it be… Eins? O_o

    • T_T I must admit it looks like Ein/Elen.

  2. seconded that. looks like eins. but seriously, the sculpt looks great! 😀

    • Long way to go…………..

  3. cool! im not sure who it is yet but the hair sculpt is starting out great! looks so much better and less freaky now Lol

    • Since the previous one is Square headed,the head inside is around 25% smaller now.

  4. Kyon? from Haruhi

    • I do prefer Make Girls >_<.

  5. Rei? is that you?

    • 😀 Yes Should be Rei 😦 gonna Re-sculpt the front hair a bit

  6. Hmm definitely not billy herrington lol!!!

    Froms the looks of it here it looks like Eins to me.

    • LOL Billy,ok fix it soon >_<.

  7. Nagato from Haruhi?

    • hmm I just need to put glasses on.

  8. looks like Eins to me too… bang bang..

    • Bang to my head 😐

  9. ooo looking good! I agree with the others tho… look like eins xD

    • It won’t looks like ein/elen anymore soon 😀

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