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Merry Christmas and happy New Year guys 😀 Happy holiday

see you on next Year Posting and I need to sand this.

Progress can be accessed here

and Maybe you guys can spend a little time to read this post or even Re-post it to help our friend Astrayp03(Zhe) and his family.

This Christmas I can’t think of anything else but this…….

My brother wrote this touching email in search of my long lost aunt.

Dear Sister Maria,

Thank you very much for spending time to meet me and my sister last month Nov 10 on the case of my auntie given up for adoption. Once again, we apologise for dropping by without prior calling you to make an appointment.

Since our discussion, i have been eagerly awaiting to hear from you and was wondering whether there was any development to your follow up checking of my mother’s sister.

To recap, i provide again below some pertinent info that might help with this case. Note names below might vary in spelling :- Father’s name – Chew Kong or Chew Yit Kong Mother’s name – Chin Foong Long lost daughter – Chien Moi Birth Certificate – issued in Kulai, Johor. Handed to Convent during adoption and should have parent’s name as above. Date of Birth – believed to be 16th Feb 1947 Name of Convent – in mandarin translated as “Huang Chia Tian Chu Jiao Tang”.

My auntie was brought to the Convent by my late maternal grandfather when she was about 2 years old, probably in 1949 for adoption. Understand the nuns then wore white hat, black gown with alot of bells at bottom of gown. He was told by the Convent that the daughter given up for adoption could be redeemed back anytime before she was 8 years old.

Unfortunately due to very tough times then, she was not redeemed within the 8 years. This was made worse by the fact that my late grandfather went back to China in the early 1950’s and since then was not able to return because communism had taken over China. Years passed and it was not until my late grandfather told my mother in late 1980’s that she had a sister given up for adoption in Singapore. It was his dying wish that they be reunited one day. My mother did advertise in Singapore Chinese papers then but there was no response received.

My late grandfather passed away in early 1990 without knowing the fate of his long lost daughter. My mother is now 76 years old and her only wish is to be able to locate this sister (only sister left).

You had mentioned that the Convent’s archives is now closed and cannot be reopened. My mother and i seek your kind assistance for humanitarian reasons to assist with opening of the archives to retrieve any available info on my long lost auntie so that we know where she is now and attempt to reconcile the sisters which had already been separated for about 61 years now. The privacy reasons that you raised in our discussion is understandable but i consider this more than just a matter of privacy. In everything, there is a closure and solong as we do not know what her current status is, there would be no closure to what my mother is enduring now. I am very sure that in such circumstances, my long lost aunt would be very, very happy to know she has a long lost sister and it is my belief she would jump at the opportunity to be reunited with her.

This is not about taking away someone’s else privacy, it is about bringing lots of joy and happiness to 2 sisters. And more importantly, a closure to 61 years of suffering and emotional torment endured by my late grandfather and my mother now. We as children want to do what we can to help her and we wish for your kind help too in this regard.

If she can be located, to overcome the privacy issue, we are prepared for you to first contact her and ask her whether she would want to meet up with her sister. We will respect her decision. Alternatively if you cannot locate her, any leads you can provide to us in respect of her possible whereabouts would be very much appreciated. We will then follow up and investigate ourselves.

On behalf of my mother and siblings, i thanked you for your kind consideration and assistance in this difficult issue which if resolved could bring great joy and happiness to all. We eagerly await to hear from you. May God bless you for your good deeds and best wishes for a merry Xmas/New Year.

The Full one @ Mr lonely heart feel free to go there.

very touching story for me. 😦

edited : adding reposting from Astrayp03’s blog



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  1. now looks really like Rei. and see you next year 😀

    • Thank you and See you 😀

  2. Merry Christmas! I had no idea astrayp03 was looking for his aunt… Hope he finds her!

    • Merry chritmas and Happy new year :D,I hope so, she must be around 63 years old now.

  3. merry xmas! nice update in progress 😀

    and wow that is quite a situation o.O

    • Thank you Merry Christmas Rockleelotus.

  4. Do have to agree with ZD there, Teh Rei?

    Merry Xmas and happy new year.

    • Thank you,Merry Christmas and Happy new year 😀

  5. Hahaha those two buns remind me of Chun Li! xD thanks bro for sharing my post. really appreciate it 😀

    • If only i can create braid for Chun Li 😦 ,No problem,and I think this blog main readers are from Singapore, just wish all the best for your family finding her

  6. it’s Rei!
    so back then u made a nendo body for her?

    Merry Christmas!

    • Nope,the old one is compatible with normal Nendoroid’s head size,since I have a lot of spares,I just need to sculpt the hair to be attach to nendoroid’s head for that one,but it’s limbs kinda too big so i was thinking make Chibi Kamen rider using it just need a RMC(rider mask collection), but decided to cancel that project that’s why it never really posted this one also not really posted hahaha.

      • some rider masks come with light installed right?
        must be very cool to have that. You have to make a Black! hahahah

        • Yup 😀 hahaha good idea Black’s body not looks complicated wish have Black RMC hahaha

  7. Thats really nice of you to repost for Astray! Hope he can find his aunt despite all the odds.

    Merry Xmas and dank, now only i realized its a nendo rei!!

    • let’s hope for the best,Merry Christmas and happy new year chubbybots 😀 and thank you.

  8. Great job there, it’s beginning to take shape and look more like a nendo. By the time, it’s painted I think it would be difficult for people to tell it was scratch-built!

    • Thank you jacques :D.

  9. Singapore newspaper? hmmm………

    • ?????? if you mean with message inside Astray’s post they tried to search for her years back via newspaper’s advertisement.

  10. Well when you want to find someone its hard,when your not expecting to meet them you meet them.

    • well true sometimes something like that happen.

  11. very good sculpting jobs I can see here

    • Thank you 🙂

  12. I hope the situation comes to a happy ending 🙂
    Happy Holiday too you ^^

    • I hope so,Happy Holiday h4mster 😀

  13. Happy new year, Aya! And wishing the situation turns into a happy ending too.

    • Happy New Year Bro 😀

  14. Oh interesting head, what kind of material have you used?

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