Comiket 79

January 3, 2011 at 6:02 am | Posted in Games, Touhou Project | 33 Comments

before that : I got some question about my scratch build project and asking about the WIP,since I am out of resources maybe it will be pending for a while and the progress can be accessed here.

and for previous posting i mention probably retire end of this year means this year 2011 don’t gave me farewell “party” first hihihi ;),i just want to open this year with warning 😛 i still have interest but kinda disappoint with newer released and of course I don’t do “worship” on certain brand or certain Figures/toy line.

yeah Comiket 79 😀

edited : adding more pictures

at least 2 games that i currently play(all touhou doujinshi).

the first one is this :


a bit unusual I play RPG

already wait for this since announced last comiket 78


koumajou 2/Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem.

I got Castlevania in my mind when play this.

darkness and Gothic.



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  1. All I can say is… LUCKY~!

    Aquastyle-style character design is cute. Reminds me of their short animation of Reimu, Marisa and Sanae vs Nazrin, Kogasa and Ichirin.

    • Miss to re watch those animation.

  2. Oh Komaju looks fantastic. Is the main character a vampire or something since you mention castle vania?

    Happy new year by the way!

    • have you forgotten Remilia Chubbs? XD

      she wont be pleased XD

    • The first game story about attacking Vampire castle even the weapon/attack very similar with Castlevania’s Whip.

  3. currently interested in Stranger’s Requiem. with seiyuu acts, and a very good OP, feel like trying it ^^

    i wonder if the full version of the OP is out yet or not?

  4. a bit hard but worth trying, seems that you really like the OP 🙂

    • ok you’re right.. it IS hard >_<


      • which level ?

        • oh wait, now i managed to get use with the danmakus, before this stuck at Chen (LOL), now managed to get past reimu after some hardship ^^;;;; terribly had to watch replays at youtube to defeat those bosses XD

          • good luck,I am not crazy and rush play these games.

            • final form remilia is sooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaard T_T

              • This one ?

                remilia Final Form

                • yeah, that one.i wish i can do Flandre spam like i did on yuyuko

  5. so….. this is ur other hobby?

    • lol my other Hobby is Film and I also have huge interest in Star Wars 😀 do photography also.

  6. A dark maid I think XD,look a bit like Sakuya.

    • well it’s sakuya 😉

  7. Oh nice, the Touhou RPG looks really interesting, I love the chibi characters =D
    haha but the other one seems a bit to scary for me I guess *lol*

    • still confused with the control and menus but yeah worth try :D, well i like scary stuff 😉

  8. Currently stuck fighting Ran at hard mode in sakuyavania DX

    • Thank you for visiting 😀
      Wow hard already 😯 ,I also stuck in Ran’s level 😦

      • <now facing Ran, in EZY MODO hahahhahahhahahah…hahaha ^^;;;

  9. I must play both of these. Now. On another note, brand worship etc is stupid indeed. I love certain figures (especially Busou Shinki) but that doesn’t mean I’m in love with Konami, etc XD Now, to find those games.

    • Good luck :D, Those “worship” is my personal critics,but of course we all have Personal Brand preference 😉

  10. @ZoiDiect there is a way To use that Flandre attacks

    From the previous room(before enter first remilia’s)I can collect 1 extra lives(and put lives limit into 20 of course) and +98 Orbs and I get killed twice by remilia before beat her and steal orbs from the candles and I let yukari kill me multiple times (around 14-15) just for collect candle’s Orb,very easy to beat her actually 😦 Such a coward idea but yeah That’s why I “won” 😦 I manage to get 450+ Orbs When fight remilia final form and you know the rest 😦 something that I won’t proud of, for sure T_T.

    koumajou credit

    • holy…what a strategy XD yeah, such win isnt something to be boast on, but in Yuyuko case, its just had to be Flandre’s battle XD looks like dieing for winning strategy might works. thanks for sharing 😀

      come to think, i tried playing stage 1 again, still found it’s hard to beat alice (even in easy LOL) seems like i most rely on luck hahahahahahahha then again, its just game, winning is a bonus for playing ^^

  11. Finally finished Hard mode, ima review this game soon XD. Sadly, you don’t get anything from finishing it at hard mode. I’m not sure if you get the omake if you finish easy mode though.

    Lets wait till 1.02, there might be a new stage or a reward for finishing hard this time around.

    • I finished twice in normal and easy mode before updating to V 1.01 but somehow it become harder after updating. for hard mode with those kind of damage i am sure will stuck in ran stage….

  12. Ive actually never tried any games and i call myself a big fan =/
    looks great D:

    • I must admit After all Touhou project life from it’s “cute” and “God-Like” characters

  13. Koumajou Densetsu II is a great game.
    it’s a bit easier to play, but also more fun to play compared to the first one, and it even have voice acting with various famous voice actors (Sawashiro Miyuki FTW!) XD
    wasted a whole continue (20 live) on Final Remilia, but managed to beat her on the second live of the second continue after figuring out her patterns 😀

    • yup the attacks patterns and after losing some life her shield and arms will disappear also 😀

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