Halo : Reach Emile

January 5, 2011 at 1:01 am | Posted in HALO | 13 Comments
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Emile Aka Noble Four 🙂

sorry about the waist section,just realized >_<.

his back not much different.

all accessories that included.

Unfortunately it have the same gripping problem….. the hand so damn small

so I cut the trigger Guard a bit.

my favorite spartan armor design 😀

kukri knife unfortunately can’t be put into the sheath.

love the helmet detail 😀

Very similar with Noble six ,juts have some different armor  parts and helmet.



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  1. Cool, are you going to collect the rest of the team?

    Noble Four has LOTS of grenade cartridges on him… And I noticed… his helmet makes him a “Happy Killer” XD

    • Probably(still not sure with the quality 😦 for now just Noble 6,5 and 4 released,this month Noble 1 and Noble 2 should be released (and play-arts also will released this team soon).
      I am sure he should have a grenade launcher :D.

  2. Looks evil and yet pervert… this exist in that Halo thingy?

    • But he died manly that’s for sure 😉 yup he exist.

  3. ok, didnt see that coming. with name Emile, i thought it will be some nice looking girl, but hey, this is fine too ^^

    • His face newer shown I wonder if he actually a Girl hihihi, but always mentioned as male.

  4. cool, u r back!

    • I have this since months back hahaha

  5. does he scare his teammates or the aliens with the paintjob of his helmet XD ?
    Oh and another question, does he have joints in the shoulder, or is just up and down movement possible ?

    • hahaha maybe 😉

      yeah it have joints for Shoulders but kind of hard to move and limited.

  6. I like the suit design only thing that feel odd for me is the smiling skull helmet XD

    • maybe Smiling Killer sounds Nice 🙂

      • Thats sound nice and a bit like a sadist too XD

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