Imperial V Wing Starfighter

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Imperial V Wing Starfighter.

edited : better Flight mode

The minifigures :  Imperial Phase II Clone pilot and Astromech Droid R2-Q2

The droid head must be removed first before attach it to the Starfighter >w<

front View.

the only disappointment is the Imperial Logos and some parts use stickers 😦 I prefer printed bricks

The cockpit.

The landing mode.


the lower view.

flight mode,I just use the Thinner to hold this.

If I am not mistaken the Republic version also released years back for this Starfighter with red color scheme, the ones which escorting the emperor palpatine’s shuttle,a Lego set from 2005.


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  1. Wah nice grab! I used to play lego a lot. This few series of legos whereby its based on movies are really tempting…

    I nearly got a spongbob lego house on impluse a few weeks back 😛

    • lolz SQONGEBOB HAS LEGO? @.@

    • @Chubbybots just want Lego Jack sparrow from Pirates of Caribbean this year hahaha wish there is smaller set for Spongebob i just want Patrick star,and they quite rare now.

  2. haha I used to play with lego a lot too! but then again, who doesn’t? 😛

    • I didn’t really play with lego back then, i play with some other Bricks hahaha.

  3. If Lego wasn’t soooo expensive, I would bought a few boxes of it…
    And this fighter design is one of my favourite.

    • yeah License stuff always sell a way overpriced compared with their original price.I am not get this in those very overpriced price tag but I would happy if seeing this sell for the original 19.9 USD price tag.

  4. hmmm….. maybe i shld collecting lego too lol

    • LOL why ? just buy if you like,don’t buy if you don’t like

  5. Wow,I used to have this same lego set, but that was 5 or 6 years ago. ^^;

    As of now, all my legos are sitting in a box, all disassembled and stuff… >.>

  6. more Legos ho ho ho

    so far, kinda interested with Bionicle, especially the first version. too bad kind of think that they are overpriced, or afraid that they end up getting chopped as spare joints 😀

    • most of my bionicle are from first and second version,but i am sure their joint will last longer than gunpla.

  7. OMG! star wars! aha!
    cicked here by chance and im happy to have did.

    im a huge star wars lego fan i have nearly the whole set until the year 2004 when i stopped since i didnt have space and hence also moved country.

    but ive always looked at some of the releases, nice starfighter!

    • The only Lego I know back then was city >_< now they start make redesigned Star Wars lego.

      • Ive lost track now with the whole lego thing, but im sure there must be loads of them now! :9

        • I just start for around 2 years,for starwars I just collect “Grunts” Whether it’s “white army”,Droid,Rebel,pilot,or mandalorian hahaha

  8. Ah cool,it has many moveable joints.
    in the third picture it looks a bit like the silhouette of an Evangelion unit ;p

    • hahaha Eva-03 silhouette

  9. Nice Lego! how big is this one?

    • Around 21 Cm long but it’s kinda Slim hahaha

      here I have added picture it stand on a Pot of Thinner.

      V wing 3

  10. Taking off the R2D2 head to place on the fighter and that leave the body without head lying around XD

    • It’s R2-Q2,at least they gave Body for him since the old version just give you the Droid head.

      • Opps sorry,I only watch the one with the dark moths or however you spell the one with the duo lightsaber and above,there for not so clear.
        Hmm good point there at least they included the body for more play value.

  11. although it was a lego but it looks like real machine 😀

    • Thank you but Not if you see them from above looks those lovely holes hahaha

  12. Stickers, On my LEGO, uuuggghhh…..

    • Sadly yes…. anyway welcome back long time no see 😀

  13. My friend and I thought that if there was an A-wing, X wing, Y-wing, etc. Then the death star must be the big fat period at the end of the sentence, which is kinda fitting

    • this one use before that Death star finished most likely Tie fighter prototype, anyhow B-wing fighter also exist 😯

  14. talking about Lego, I wish I can find the Lego Creator Ferry Transport, I saw the review at Ngee Khiong’s Ex blog and I think I fall in love with it…. but the price is something like 1/60 PG GunPla…..sigh

    • this ferry ? the original price was 70 USD,But yes that one already rare >W<. but considering the pieces 1000+ that one was a great Lego set.. since now they give less and lesser bricks.

      • yup that’s the one, The Lego Creator 4997 Transport Ferry…

  15. And I noticed that the Lego with “Ferrari” brand is also quite expensive….

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