See you on March

January 18, 2011 at 8:30 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 32 Comments

See you on march Guys I take a rest a bit :D. or maybe sometime on February I will write something 😉

if you asking why ? , every few months I always take a break to keep my blogging mood constant although I still have feeling to write something >w< hahaha, but must hold up a bit to avoiding turned bored to blog later.



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  1. Have a nice break. And have a kitkat. =D

    • thank you :D,and you start advertising chocolate now ?

  2. See you later!

    • See you later!

  3. See you then.

    • See you Marzz.

  4. Have fun on your break.

    • A lot of fun 😀 see you Tom.

  5. Tah Tah for now 😀

    • See you Gun the ammoless 😀

  6. have a nice rest, Aya
    see you 😉

    • See you Fabienne 😉

  7. See you again Desu~~~

    • See You Geso~~~~

  8. Wat? Noo ;w;
    Have a nice break then, it’s always good to have a break 😀

    • Sis adagiorum ? , seems that you have new blog now hahaha well I tried make post regularly need make break sometimes to avoid get bored lol, once get bored it’s hard to start again >W<…

  9. good bye for now and see you soon 😀

    • See You soon ZoiDiect

  10. Hiya, first time coming over to your blog. Taking breaks are great as blogging for a long time can be quite tiring. Looking forward to see you come back with fresh mind and fresh start!

    • Thank you for visiting Q,yeah i always did this sometimes but somehow i still open dashboard everday hahaha ,see you.

  11. take it easy, breaks are good 😀 see you again after your refreshed!

    • See you again Rockleelotus 😀

  12. take your time aya..

    • Sure,I will 😉

  13. Just wanted to wish Happy Lunar New Year Aya!

    • Happy Lunar New Year softz!

  14. Hope that your blogging inspiration hits you harder than a pie hurtling at a speed of light

    • I really want to make post now LOL, but midterm start next 2 weeks, so better posting after that.

  15. Happy free hear shaped sweets and chocolates day, js :]

    • Happy Valentine day dude, back then I can get some money with selling chocolates to people during Valentine Day hahaha

  16. First time I’ve seen your blog and I’m greeted with a “Will Return Soon”. ^_^

    I look forward to it, then. Enjoy your break! 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting radiant, Just wait a week longer, I am on mid-term exam now >_<;

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