Nendoroid Petit Fate Stay night

February 24, 2011 at 12:05 am | Posted in Gashapon/Trading Figures/Candy Toy/Ichiban kuji, Nendoroid/Petit | 34 Comments

I just buy one , but if I don’t get the one that I want I might buy more and mainly I use this for references.

well i did get what I want hahaha

I go for Ilya, well any will do as long not Saber lol I mean there are 12 possibilities and 4 of them are sabers 😯 that’s 33.33% chance.

wish they have archer or shirou it would be nice seeing Rin/saber and one of them stand side by side.

Sweet exactly what I want 😀 ,something that rarely happen in one try.

illyasviel von einzbern  in her winter suit.

without the cap/hat.

I still wondering how to make her stand properly use this stand >_<

Like this ?

The stand is totally different from the prototype in picture.

or this ?

the hair make it a bit stuck.

just one word to describe her CUTE  😀



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  1. *checks calendar*
    Still early for March. XD

    Cool, the last picture you’ve shot just fits her image. =D

    • I mentioned before right might post something on February, and thank you 😀

  2. NICE! NICE! NICE! Snow shot! I’ve always like to see figures on snow.
    I never get to take any snow shot. I wonder if I’d ever get the chance. Probably, if I get a job in U.S., then I may get to do it too… But again, take more of this type of shots and show us 🙂

    • If i am not mistaken there is amusement park with “snow” attraction in Singapore right ? I am sure visit there years back just need bring figurines ;),will try but I don’t have any other figures that looks nice in snow.

      Soldiers ver.1

      • Frankly, I’ve never heard of that. I think I need to get out from the mountain. LOL! (^_^)

        • hahaha well as I see you travel overseas more often ^_^ I also need to get out from my room more often.

  3. Pure white snow~~

    • I don’t think there is Red snow hahaha

  4. WOW, snow……. nv seen it b4

    • and Now this post end with Snow Talks just because one picture hahaha

  5. Nice that you get what you wanted and that character look like a vampire XD……. but do all nendoroid or petit in this case never been able to stand without a stand due to the head ?

    • Maybe because she have Red eyes haha, I don’t know about that,I am sure this one is because the long hair and this was my first petit I don’t have anything to compare with.

      • Oooo maybe the red eyes XD does you normal nendo have the balancing problem ?

        • You have some right, all of my nendos can’t stand by it’s own but i heard some nendoroid have huge twintails that help them stand by their own(e.g : Miku,Rin kokone).

          • O,Thanks for solving my doubt,its nice and funny in the sense that they use their hair to balance.

            • I prefer Nendoroid that can sit properly 😀

              • I prefer one that have a stand that just plug in the figure rather than one that hold under their skirt.

                • for me I don’t like using stand at all,
                  if they can’t stand by their own I prefer sit.

              • O XD mine can’t sit -_- sadly as the head is to big.

                • that’s why I stop buying them,but my Yume can sit quite well with the help of her skirt to hold.

              • Good for you 😀

                • OMG I just realized
                  you are really my
                  ultimate blog troll LOL

  6. wow, nice catch!
    Ilya is the cutest pucchi in this series I think…

    oh, if you find another ilya & matou sakura, please inform me ^_^

    • I got this randomly,but let me check to store that sell opened and checked trading figures 😀

  7. I don’t know if Max Factory will ever make the Figma for Illyasviel von Einzbern – I still hope it will happen someday… since they made Figma Vita already, it is possible that they can produce Ilya as well…

    • yeah I think so,maybe after Figma archer together with sakura.

  8. woooo /o/ /o/ /o/

    Congrats on that one-try get!
    There would also be a Prism Ilya Nendo puchi that GSC made (darn them for knowing how to get money from our pockets) but its really pretty

    I do hope that GSC someday comes out with an Ilya and a Berserker figma soon, afterall Fate/Zero anime is scheduled to come out this 2011

    • Thanks and I can’t expect that happen soon Fate/Zero is about 4th holly grail war, Kiritsugu Emiya,kirei,tokiomi and Ilya’s mother are the characters.Berserker there is lancelot of the lake not “hercules” hahahaha I would like too see totally different characters from that fate/zero anime, well saber still there thought and maybe young version of rin and sakura.

      • Yeah and Rider is Alexander the Great, complete with EX reality marble! And we’ll also get to see a 5-way battle royale match between the servants on their first encounter of each other! WHOOOT!

        Still wishing for a figma of tamamo no mae (caster of fate/extra). So far only freeing has made one XD (or was it gift?)

        • haha really looking forward for it 😀 hope will be good,ah the fox girl i didn’t know she is caster,in contrast I will wishing to see PVC version,the figure already exist wow awesome.

  9. the last shot was really cool! I wish there was snow here 😦

    • You might change your mind once see the real one ^^

  10. aahhhh Illya so cute,she the most cute girl in fate seris 😀
    that last shot was really cool,it’s fit with illya character.

    • Thank you for visiting

      Sure loli always cute hahaha, thank you 😉

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